Dating Profile Red Flags You Don't Want to Overlook

It's hard to believe that people self-sabotage their chances of getting any matches with such rooky mistakes. If you're taking the time out of your day to make a dating profile, why not go the distance and represent yourself with the best pictures, bio, and intentions? You definitely should make sure you're not committing any of these online dating sins or you could find yourself becoming one of the worst types of people on Tinder .

Odds are you aren't getting the exceptional results you were expecting if these appear on your profile so get to editing and quick before anyone else sees!

  1. Pictures With Ex

    If you aren't taking the time to delete your automatically syncing photos for your pictures, then you're probably not completely done with the ex your smooching in all of your pictures.

    There is nothing more revolting than swiping through multiple lovey dovey couple pictures when you're adamantly seeking for someone single with no strings attached. You're basically putting yourself on blast, showing that you waste no time on a breakup and instantly make a dating profile.

    Safe to say anyone you do match with is an automatic hardcore rebound that might be a perfect match if they're as clueless as you. Or you may still be in that relationship, considerably cheating on the person you're smiling within your back to back pics.

    Let's cut straight to the chase, no one worth dating will be publicly displaying their current or past relationship if they're in the mindset for future ones.

    How about you clean up your profile and dating life before you try to drag anyone else into your drama? Chances are you're too dumb to delete them or not taking online dating seriously, which can be really offensive to people searching for potential love interests.

    While it's hotly debated as to what you should do with those pics of your ex on insta, keep them far away from your dating profile.

  2. Checklist Bio

    If you're demanding your match be a certain weight, height, ethnicity or hair color then just delete your profile now. You're definitely coming off as shallow and closed minded to other people that you may match perfectly with. Without your harsh demand of specific physical attributes, you may end up matching with someone you connect on more than the intimate level.

    No need to come off demanding and shallow first thing because no one likes to be judged solely based on your physical preferences. Chances are you're not everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't mean they didn't charity swipe your ass to see if you had a worthy personality. Get off of your high horse and put something down on earth on there, instead of asking for a hard swipe left.

  3. No Bio

    So what you're saying here is that you simply made the profile creep on people with no real intention of revealing who you truly are. It's important you give some details of what you're all about, so you can match with people based on something other than physical attraction.

    It also shows the lack of commitment towards dating if you aren't willing to spend the time to jot down a couple of things you enjoy, to attract matches with common likes and interests.

    This is almost a no-brainer, left swipe because you're not giving them anything to work with besides a few pictures. It also doesn't make your profile stand out in the slightest if anything it makes the other person hesitate on matching or messaging you. There is a huge correlation to an unwritten bio and unresponsive match.

    Don't be an immediate turn off just because you've failed to mention a few basic facts about yourself.

    If your app isn't blowing up with matches and messages, it's because no one is going to be wanting to put in the effort if your not, simple as that.

  4. One Picture

    This is almost an automatic fake profile that no one takes seriously. Especially if the picture is blurry, headless or way too attractive, people will assume it's faulty. Since the majority of online profiles are linked to a social account, it's hard to believe you only have one picture uploaded to represent yourself.

    Sure it's hard to decide which photos should go on your profile, but you should definitely have more than one low-quality pic.

    Also, we are now in the year 2016 where selfies and pictures happen on several occasions, so there really is no excuse to have only one image to represent yourself. And by one picture, I mean if you have the exact same picture on your profile five times in a row it just shows how inadequate you are. If you're having trouble uploading a few pics to a self-explanatory application, then chances are you should probably stick to old fashioned in person dating.

  5. Group Shots

    If all of your pictures include massive groups of individuals, then you're obviously trying to hide in the crowd. This isn't a game of “ Where's Waldo? Because nobody has time for that and people are obviously hoping you're the hottest person in the picture when in reality only part of your elbow is actually pictured.

    Unless you're trying to have a massive orgy and you and your friends are sharing one account, limit yourself to at most two group photos. As long as the other ones clearly identify who you are, then your image choices shouldn't automatically result in a red flag.

    I understand that looks aren't everything but your potential match should have a slight idea of what you look like.

    Even though it's attractive coming off as popular with all your friends, don't make it harder than it has to be, forcing your potential match to search for the reoccurring face in the pics. Just take the time to put at least one selfie or close up so that you're honestly representing yourself instead of hiding behind all of your attractive friends.

    Please do us all the favor by rebooting your profile, so they don't incorporate a single one of these red flags. You'll thank me later when you're not only getting matches but consistent messages.