Zodiac Love: Best Matches for Your Sign

When deciding which of your many suitors to pursue, it's always best to look to the stars. Why waste your time on a Gemini when you should be holding out for a Scorpio? The qualities of the twelve signs of the zodiac can be helpful when it comes to deciding who you should spend your time and effort dating! Stop wasting your life on people who weren't meant for you to begin with and start looking for people your sign is compatible with! If you have no idea what your sun or moon sign is, make your natal chart online and go from there! I've compiled a list of who the signs are famously compatible with to make romantic endeavors a little easier for you. Enjoy!

Aries & Leo: A match Tempered in Fire

These two make for an explosive match. The sexual chemistry between these two is nothing but hot.

Surprisingly enough vain Aries and proud Libra do very well together. These two are both natural born leaders, which makes for a fiercely ambitious couple.

Expect to be motivated to meet your goals while in this relationship. But be careful, the mutual competitiveness that exists with this match can be a fatal flaw. Direct your competitive spirit outwards and not at your partner.

These two can work very well long term if they can keep their tempers in check, learn to fight productively. Don't tear your partner down, their not your competition, build them up and you'll have a lasting and loving relationship.

Taurus & Virgo: Practical Perfectionists

The Bull and the Virgin together make a couple that can stand the test of time. These two are both very organized and practical beings. Expect everything to be color coded after you move in with a Virgo.

The Taurus is okay with the virgin's borderline obsessive behavior but knows how to keep them grounded when they start to lose it.

The two of them have a sexual and romantic chemistry that is based on the desire to satisfy the other's needs and wants. Expect a giving and loving experience in and beyond the bedroom.

These two are prone to living mundane lives since they're both so gosh darn practical. So try to live life as close to the edge as you both can bare, or at the very least take frequent vacations together!

Gemini & Libra: Two double sided coins

This pair can make for a very charming couple. Both of these signs are sociable and silver-tongued. Expect for this pair to do a lot of socializing together.

Most don't understand what to expect when dating either of these signs, however these two understand eachother well.

Their chemistry is heightened by the fact that they're both air signs, but elements aside lawful Libra and mischievous - often considered evil - Gemini complement each other perfectly. Because of these similarities, and complementing differences, they're capable of a beautiful and romantic relationship.

They're both willing to overlook the other's shortcomings as well. But these two are often bad decision makers as they're both often pulled in two different directions. This can be dangerous to their goals and their goals as a couple. Stay conscious of this.

While Libra's usually color inside the lines, Gemini's are capable of bringing out their fun and playful side. They are more than willing to be a part of their Gemini's shenanigans. However, Libra's won't be too amused if the jokes or pranks end up being on them.

Cancer & Pisces: All the feels, all the time

These two emotional and loving signs make a sweet couple. They both understand the other's needs -as their two of the most empathetic signs- and are more than willing to fill them. They care deeply about each other's happiness.

While some find pisceans annoying, the emotional cancer understands their emotional needs.

There is a natural rhythm and balance between these two, most of the time. They are both good listeners and communicators, so when it comes to disagreements, they're usually brief.

Because of their understanding of one another, their sexual compatibility is off the (star)charts. They understand what the other needs physically and know how to satisfy their desires.

Because Pisceans live in a dream world, they have unrealistic expectations for everything from their career to their relationships. This can lead to issues, so the Pisces needs to learn to keep themselves in check though they will be met with understanding from the caring Cancer.

Leo & Sagittarius: Independant Lovers, depenant on one another

This couple is either hit or miss, but when these two click they make for a hot couple. These two independent signs are good together because they know how to balance attention with space. Sagittarius' can feel claustrophobic, but with a Leo, they're allowed the space they need.

But this space loving couple can grow too far apart if they don't tether themselves together with the right amount of love and attention. These two need to make sure they know how to strike the right kind of balance.

The physical chemistry in this relationship is sizzling, with these two fire signs adding constantly to each other's flame. These two might lack emotional connection at first, but it can be built to last.

Virgo & Capricorn: Eactly what the other needs

This relationship is one that's bound to last. These two provide exactly what the other needs to feel happy and comfortable in a relationship. The perfectionist Virgo needs stability which the sturdy goat provides while the Virgin brings order to any disarray in the Capricorn's life.

While these two bring different qualities to the table, they have plenty in common. They have similar interests and beliefs, so there isn't usually much arguing to be had. However, when they do fight they manage to do it productively.

This two complement each other beautifully and can easily be a pair to stand the test of time.

Libra & Aquarius: Happy-go-lucky lovers

These two are a fantastic match because they find relief in one another. Relief from what? Sensitivity. These two are very blunt signs and are happy to be able to speak their mind and let cruel humor fly.

Additionally, they're both fun loving and carefree. Expect to do a lot of adventuring and partying with your partner.

This can be a lasting and fun relationship if they are diligent about evenly distributing responsibilities. They're both a little on the lazy end when it comes to boring tasks like chores and things of the like. To avoid arguments, they should make sure one is not putting too much responsibility on the other.

Scorpio & Cancer: Sublime yet sexy

When these two get together, sparks fly. But no one knows. These two, though very different, have impeccable chemistry. No one would ever know how wild this couple gets behind closed doors.

The scorpion in this relationship needs to make sure they're conscious of the crab's feelings in this relationship.

Even the negative aspects of these two seem to balance out. The Cancer is possessive, and the Scorpio is jealous, which makes for a faithful relationship. However, they need to keep these attributes in check. Regardless, this is a relationship that's built to last.

Sagittarius & Libra: Social butterflies

A match between the archer and the weighing scales is the model social couple. This is the couple that walks into the room and brings the party. The Archer is one of the more social signs, but the Libra has them beat by being the most outgoing of the zodiac. You can expect a lot of adventure and spontaneity.

When it comes to confrontation, both of these signs try to avoid it whenever possible, but when an argument is inevitable, they aren't afraid to speak their mind. Both of these signs are effective communicators so empty arguments won't last very long.

As far as appearance goes, Libras like to take their time pampering themselves. So the Sagittarius in this relationship can expect always to be the first one ready to leave the house. Similarly, Libras like to spend their money on their appearance while the archer puts their money to use elsewhere. Another big difference between these two is their desire to commit. Sagittarius' take a while to warm up to another person and make a commitment, while the Libra is usually ready for one quite quickly. Libra, give your Sagittarius some space, they'll commit when they are ready.

Regardless of the differences between these signs, conversations will never be dull between the blunt Archer and the diplomatic weighing scales. The banter that flies between these two is fantastic and pretty amusing. These two doesn't need to worry about chemistry; there's plenty to go around.

Capricorn & Taurus: A reliable romance

This relationship is one that's likely to escalate quickly to marriage. These signs both value hard work and commitment, which increases the chances of early marriage for these two - or at the very least a very committed relationship. If this couple does end up tying the knot, divorce is not in their future.

A union between the goat and the bull has the potential to be a powerhouse. Especially when it comes to work. Both of these signs are very goal oriented and will be the other's biggest cheerleaders. The only issue is that there's a big risk of this relationship feeling like all work and no play. Make sure to inject some spontaneity on the occasion to keep things fun.

This couple is more than happy to go to an intimate dinner at a restaurant or stay at home rather than go out to a party. Expect to have a lot of cozy nights alone with one another.

Aquarius & Gemini: The hottest of messes

A match between these two signs is an exciting one. Both of these signs enjoy their fair share of fun. Both of these signs are likely to be both people and book smart, which leads to a lot of great conversations - that are likely to take place after a night of partying together.

These two enjoy every aspect of each other, the Aquarius in this relationship is even likely to be attracted to the Gemini's indecisive personality. Additionally, the Gemini is willing to give the Aquarius the space they need in a relationship, so that not to feel smothered. While these signs are both prone to cheating, they know how to maintain a balanced relationship and keep one another happy. This understanding of each other is what makes this relationship work.

One of the only negatives with this pair is that they're prone to messiness. Neither of them is particularly fond of doing chores or mundane everyday tasks. But they are usually having too much fun to care that their apartments or shared home are a complete mess.

These to challenge each other, which is incredibly important in a relationship. They keep each other on their toes while managing to function as a team.

Pisces & Scorpio: Seriously sexy, seriously in love

Honestly, this match has the potential of being one of, if not the most, intense and loving relationships in the Zodiac. This couple connects on a very high level; they often know what the other is thinking or feeling before they have a chance to express it.

Instead of the scorpion's possessive and at times jealous nature repelling the vulnerable fish, it draws them in and makes them feel safe. While the Scorpio in this relationship protects the generous and emotional Pisces, the Pisces works to bring out the best in the Scorpio.

But these two need to learn to be patient with each other. The fish is emotional and nonconfrontational while the scorpion is intense and occasionally moody. Though this hurdle isn't a hard one to overcome.

Oh my god, don't get me started on the sexual chemistry. No words can do the level of emotional and physical satisfaction justice. These two understand each other's body's completely and are more than willing to fulfill the other's fantasies. Both of these signs take sex very seriously and understand how it brings two people closer together.

Because these two match on such a high intellectual, emotional, and physical level, they make for a fantastic match. They both value romance and privacy making for deeply intimate date nights and a strong, committed relationship.

When you're making your way through the battlefield that is modern dating, looking to something much more ancient than Tinder may help with your endeavors. Looking to the stars allows you to know which relationships are worth pursuing. Never pass up on these zodiac matches, who knows? You might end up finding your soulmate.