Halloween Handbook: Avoid These 5 Basic AF Halloween Costumes and Try These Refreshingly Different Alternatives

October is upon us, my dear ghouls and ghosts. And you know what that means. Halloween! Before you can get to all the fun this holiday has in store - which usually involves a metric ton of candy and engaging in all sorts of debauchery at boozy dress-up parties - you'll need a costume.

Before you start putting together that easy DIY costume you found on Pinterest, that coincidentally includes items you already have in your wardrobe, take a moment to evaluate your decision. Think to yourself as you match black lingerie with cat ears, "Is this basic?"

There will be hundreds of thousands of people letting their freak flag fly on this hallowed evening, why would you want to blend in with the rest of them? I assure you, the streets will be flooded with thousands of Spirit-Halloween-costumed-clones.

Don't be boring. Avoid these costumes every PSL drinking, UGG wearing, Dog-Snapchat-Filter-using girl will be wearing and be less basic this Halloween.

Instead of a Black Cat...

While cat lovers keep their black cats indoors on Halloween, thousands of girls make up for it by dressing in their likeness.

I can guarantee you that very single girl on this planet owns a sexy black outfit and a pair of cat ears. I mean it's a law of the natural world, thus making this costume widely accessible especially as a last minute get up. Because it's such an easy costume you are bound to meet several sexy black cats on Halloween.

Wearing this costume might say a couple of things about you: 1) you completely forgot it was Halloween 2) you're using cat ears and a tail pinned to your butt as an excuse to wear lingerie in public 3) or all of the above.

Because of how easy it is to achieve this costume has become the most basic of all costumes. Like so basic it's a straight up 14 on a PH scale.

Oh, and a side note: Dressing in a catsuit and calling yourself Catwoman is almost as basic. However, if you're recreating Michelle Pfeiffer's or another iconic look you're exempt from basicness and are in fact the opposite.

...Dress as literally any other animal

While this might be a slightly less basic solution, I feel that it's definitely better than nothing. If you're bent on wearing lingerie out then go for it - but please, find some different animal ears. The lace bunny ears are slowly becoming more and more common, but why not go completely out of the box and dress like a sexy deer. Or better yet, a lingerie clad dinosaur.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of puns. So for me, the least basic option for being a lingerie/sexy animal would be to dress as a fox. When people ask what you are, just say you're feeling foxy.

(I'm hilarious)

Instead of a Sexy School Girl...

Okay, I'm blaming this trend entirely on Brittany Spears. Yes, the princess of pop. I blame you.

I mean if you're planning on recreating the exact outfit from the "Baby One More Time" video, then you are significantly less basic than if you plan on dressing as the problem child of Saint Mary's Institution for Young Girls.

This is another costume that takes minimal effort and will be copied by around fifty of your female acquaintances. So do yourself a favor by ditching this idea and going back to the Pinterest Board.

... Try Other Iconic Brittany Moments

If you're trying to pay homage to this living legend, try her other iconic moments. Maybe recreate the flight attendant outfit from the "Toxic" video - if you're brave get yourself a sheer cat suit, some glitter, and some pasteys for the nearly nude moment in the same video.

Another easy yet sexy fashion moment to recreate is the snake look from Brittany's VMA's performance of "Slave 4 You". All you need is a stuffed snake and a little innovation.

Brittany has so many iconic looks that you can easily recreate. So many in fact, if you're looking for a costume for your squad recreating Brit through the years is a cute and creative option.

Instead of your squad dressing as chicks from Mean Girls...

It seems that the go-to squad costume has become Regina George and her minions. Mean Girls has a special place in every 90's baby's heart, so it's definitely a natural choice. However, because it's become so overdone it's time to retire your mouse ears (sorry Karen) and hang up your "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" shirt.

Plus, by looking for a new source of inspiration for your squad costume you might save your friendship since you'll spend a lot less time arguing over who gets to be Regina and who gets stuck with Gretchen.

... Recreate other infamous girl groups.

My biggest piece of advice for moving on from your Mean Girls costume is to look to other movies for ideas. Why not recreate a different dynamic trio or group of girls? If you're looking to stick to that preppy vibe, I'd recommend looking to Clueless for some neon-yellow ideas. Sure, a lot of girls have been dressing up like Cher lately (thanks Iggy Azalea) but that movie is still a classic girl-squad film deserving of appreciation.

If your friends are a little more on the grungey side, maybe shoot to dress up like the girls from The Craft or the badasses from Deathproof. Or dress up like the frenemies you are and use Kill Bill as a template.

If you have a thing for shoulder pads I'd highly recommend dressing up as the girls from Heathers. I'd also highly recommend that movie; it's true 80's masterpiece.

Ditch your Risky Business costume...

Speaking of the 80's, every Halloween there is an army of women (and men) dressed as Tom Cruise's Joel Goodsen sliding across hardwood floors across the nation. I encourage you not to be a part of this dress-shirt clad epidemic.

This may be perhaps one of the laziest costumes of all time. I mean how did you prepare? You stole your boyfriend's least favorite button down, grabbed a pair of thigh highs, and smacked some sungalsses on your face. Congrats.

If you're going to be lazy, at least try not to be basic too.

...And genderbend a character from a different 80's movie

There are plenty other ways for you to be creative while borrowing clothes from your boyfriend's closet. Instead of going with the easiest option look to other classic movies.

A really cute and unique option would be to genderbend from other old movies without a female lead. Everyone has seen Back to the Future. So why not put a feminine spin on Marty's style and layer a denim jacket with a puffy vest (girl, I know you got one of those Northface ones) and carry around a skateboard deck as a hoverboard prop?

If you're pickin' up what I'm putting down maybe dress as Ferris Bueller! You can even make this a squad costume by having your friends dress as Cameron and Sloane.

Indiana Jones and the guys from Top Gun are other great characters to genderbend.

Instead of Harley Quinn...

While Suicide Squad may have fallen short of our expectations as DC fans, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn certainly did not. Her take on Mista J's boo thang has inspired many a basic bitch this Halloween. With blonde wigs tipped with red and blue flooding the market, you're bound to run into a couple of clones of Harley this year.

Any other year Harley Quinn would have probably made it as a unique alternative on this list, however with the popularity of Suicide Squad she's become a tiny bit basic.

However, if you're going to dress up in her classic black and red jumpsuit from the comics, go for it. You will definitely stick out amongst all the basic blondes.

...Stand out by dressing as another hero or villian

With Harley Quinn rising in popularity, we're likely to see a dip of other heroes and villains roaming the streets.

Take a gander at some other DC properties for some inspiration. Maybe dress up as one of the other Gotham City Sirens, like (an accurate) Catwoman, or Posion Ivy. DC has confirmed they're making a Gotham City Sirens film, so get ahead of the trend before all the basic bitches!
If you're feeling particularly evil this Halloween, dress as The Joker himself! Or another big baddie from DC or Marvel.

There are hundreds of superheros out there. If well-known characters like Wonder Woman or Supergirl aren't your style, then I'd encourage you to look a little deeper because between Marvel and DC there's something for everyone.