Here Are the Most Attractive Black Men in Hollywood

Most of these men have graced the covers of top men's magazine GQ, have been in the biggest movies in Hollywood, and show everyday they're in the spotlight what it means to be a black, succesful and attractive male.

Here are the top 11 hottest black men in Hollywood.

Let's start off with some fresh faces. These men are just getting their spotlight moments and look good while doing it.

  1. Michael B. Jordan

    Michael B. Jordan
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    Although he's been in the acting game for a while, Michael B. Jordan has only just positioned himself with the top black actors in Hollywood with his recent films, and also showed us he's just as hot. His rise to stardom can be credited to his role in the movie Fruitvale Station, (2013) where he did a phenomenal job portraying the story of Oscar Grant, a man wrongfully arrested and shot by police in a San Francisco, California BART station on January 1, 2009.

    You can catch Jordan in his next big role as villain 'Erik Killmonger' in Marvel's Black Panther movie set to release in 2018. He was also in the box-office success Creed; a follow-up to the iconic Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone. In this film, Jordan plays the son of Apollo Creed, and seeks Rocky's help in getting a shot at a title fight, and meets a girl along the way. This is the perfect movie to watch if you want to see just what I mean by how hot he is, since this movie shows off all his right angles, and the body he had to work for, muscles and all.

  2. Shameik Moore

    Shameik Moore
    Image Credit: Steve Granitz /

    Another breakout star, Shameik Moore is a face you want to keep an eye out for. And not just 'cause he looks pretty.

    You may recognize him from the hit Indie movie about a nerd in high school who goes on a journey of a lifetime after getting involved with a drug-dealer, just before applying to Harvard, in Dope (2015). Here, he proved that the flattop is still very much a look. Then, later proved to us he's got moves (and abs) in the knockout Netflix original series The Get Down, which takes place in 70's South Bronx, NY and tells a tale about the birth of its Hip-Hop and Rap scene, with a little bit of Disco mixed in. If that doesn't sound like one hell of a show to watch then I don't know what is. And the best part is -- you get to see Moore and one of his co-stars, and honorable attractive black men in Hollywood mention, Jaden Smith, be super-funky and great dancers with just as great bods. And style. Because a man who knows how to dress makes them that more attractive, in fact, GQ named Moore and Smith as the "Future of Fashion."

  3. Mike Colter

    Mike Colter
    Image Credit: Lauren Elisabeth /

    Superhero, ripped badass. That's literally all the words you need to describe how hot Mike Colter is. Known for his role as "Luke Cage" in the Marvel and Netflix original series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and The Defenders, Colter stands out among the most attractive black men in Hollywood right now. Let alone his physique, his acting abilities and the way he executes his character so well makes him not only pleasing to the eye to watch on screen, but enjoyable. His most recent film endeavor is newly released Girls Trip (2017), where he takes on the role of the cheating husband of a successful woman. You hate him for what he does in the movie, but can't help but think "Damn, that is one good-looking man."

  4. Next up are a few of the most attractive black men in music at the moment.

  5. Miguel

    Image Credit:

    Born from a Mexican-American father and an African-American mother, a mix of two beautiful cultures have created an equally stunning man.

    R&B singer Miguel has a voice that could make anyone swoon. Not to mention he has a perfect smile, toned arms and abs -- his sensuality just shines through, in both his music and his looks. It would only make sense that his partner Nazanin Mandi is just as hot, making these two the most attractive couple in Hollywood, in my opinion. His last album Wildheart (2015) is a good reflection of Miguel's sexuality and what makes him most attractive -- that he is sex-positive and big on partnership versus sole male pleasure.

  6. Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane
    Image Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson /

    Who doesn't love a comeback story?

    Gucci Mane's glow up is like no other, almost unbelievable. In fact, people thought he had been cloned after being released from prison, where he spent three years serving drug and gun charges. However, that did not stop him from continuing to work hard in his music. During his time in prison, he released three albums, and upon his release a new single, and has kept a steady flow of new music that it's almost impossible to keep up with.

    But his music wasn't the only thing he was working on while doing time, he kept a good workout and diet regimen, losing an astonishing 50 pounds, and shocking everyone with his results. He went from having a gut to toned abs and muscles. And with all those hardcore tattoos all over his newly toned body with a perfectly white smile?

    He gets the award for glow-up of the century.

  7. A$AP Rocky

    A$AP Rocky
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    They don't call him Pretty Flacko for nothin'.

    If you know who A$AP Rocky is, then you're well aware of all the nicknames he has to describe just how attractive he is. He often calls himself "jiggy" which is a word to represent his sense of style and overall aura. He's definitely one of the coolest, and sexiest men in rap. Like Moore, he is a fashion icon, and also goes by "Fashion Killa." Not only is he incredibly handsome, but he knows it too and has very high confidence. I mean, he claims to have brought back gold jewelry to rap.

    What mostly no one can deny about Rocky is his picture-perfect smile. Have you ever seen teeth so pretty on a man before? His success in music is clearly undeniable as well. He's established himself as one of New York's finest and has worked with the likes of, including Miguel and Gucci Mane. His drive, and obviously his physical features, make him one of the hottest black men in Hip-Hop and in Hollywood.

  8. Now, let's get into some classic faces. The men you know and love, and have already established themselves as black heartthrobs both on and off screen.
  9. Michael Ealy

    Michael Ealy
    Image Credit: Unknown

    From Barbershop to Think Like A Man, Michael Ealy has made his way into our hearts as the gorgeous man with equally gorgeous blue eyes, and a classic Hot Black Man in Hollywood. He's shown he can play a variety of roles, from a foolish, young man in his role as "Ricky Nash," psychotic stalker "Carter Duncan," and WWII Sergeant Bishop Cummings -- he can do it all. When you're not distracted by his abs, lips, or his clear, blue eyes, you'll see why he is a top Black actor in Hollywood.

  10. Morris Chestnut

    Morris Chestnut
    Image Credit: RoidRanger /

    His breakout role as "Ricky" in Boyz N The Hood made sure we never forgot him, and since then he's been in plenty of TV shows and movies that prove again and again why Chestnut is a prime black Hollywood heartthrob. Starring alongside many other incredible and impeccably looking black men in Hollywood, Chestnut has situated himself at a high position on this list.

  11. Shemar Moore

    Shemar Moore
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    Shemar Moore made his way into the hearts of women all over from an iconic role in a classic soap opera, The Young and the Restless. Since then, he has played various roles that only make him more desirable and remind us of the hunk he is. You also might've seen him in Criminal Minds, and no one would blame you if you had any fantasies with Supervisory Special Agent "Derek Morgan" in mind. I mean, that smile? Just look at him! He's a face no one gets tired of seeing, and we all hope that he stays in the acting game for as long as possible because his looks definitely let him.

  12. Mahershala Ali

    Mahershala Ali
    Image Credit: Tinseltown /

    Academy Award winner, and various winner of other things, Mahershala Ali is a classic example of a successful, enticing black man in Hollywood. His most recent film endeavor Moonlight took home "Best Picture" at the Oscars and Ali also won "Best Supporting Actor" for his role in the film. The entire movie, in general, took home about 127 other awards from various organizations. Ali is not solely a powerhouse actor in the black community, but he also tried his hand at modeling with Calvin Klein and his other cast members of Moonlight.

    They clearly thought he was model material too, and rightfully so.

  13. Idris Elba

    Idris Elba
    Image Credit: Debby Wong /

    You know he just had to be on this list. It wouldn't be one without him. The man we all know and love, Idris Elba, is the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Not to mention incredibly accomplished. It seems there's not a year that goes by without a major motion picture consisting of a cast with Elba. In fact, he has five films under his belt in 2017 alone so far.

    Did I mention his accent? And the fact that he looks so good for his age, and keeps himself fit? Truly a man.