5 Surprising Alternatives To Netflix And Chill

It's time to give the ol 'Netflix & Chill' a rest and introduce you to some of the new and upcoming hip phrases to get that cutie to come over, and you know.... hangout. Might I add, Netflix isn't the only site that offers the best and latest tv shows and movies anymore so find out what your potential lover likes and take it from there.

Take a sneak peek at the trendiest sites and pick your poison because either way; you can't go wrong.

  1. HBO & Bone

    If you have an HBO account, then you're a straight stunna. This site gives you a range of options taking it back to the original Wall Street to Trainwreck, of which I'm assuming you've all compared to your life at some point. These are oldies but goodies that you want to keep in mind because let's be honest, you're not going to be seriously watching anyways.

    Figuring out your time frame of classic movies you want to indulge in is the only issue you will be having when it comes to this one. Make sure you're in tune with your potential lover's preference and impress them with your wide array of options, never forgetting to mention you as one of them.

    Is there a really better way to set the mood than catching up on Game of Thrones before getting it on? Get yourself an HBO description if you don't already have one. Why? Because Game of Thrones. Bitches love Game of Thrones.

  2. Hulu & Hump

    Ah, one of my favorites for the most up to date show releases that will make your bae swoon. If you have one of these accounts, make sure you mention it first thing because most likely they've been dying to catch up on the latest New Girl, Family Guy or Workaholics that will have you scoring major points in the love department.

    There's nothing that sparks an interest in “watching” a new episode with a new fling, and I'm sure they'll return the favor in some way, shape or form.

    Although their movie selection is a little out of date and only contains a few classics, that doesn't mean there aren't some hidden gems in there. Make sure you preselect a few available options so that you're not contemplating one the entire night. The sooner you get the opening credits to start rolling the faster you're night will begin if you're catching my drift.

  3. Prime & From Behind

    A little bougie now are we? If you have Amazon Prime, then you're ahead of the game because you're able to get the recent releases at the tip of your fingers. No need to take your date to the theaters when you can just quickly order the newest fan favorites out of the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the first and second Kill Bills available, so you're able to lock bae down for the night, knowing they have to stay for two movies instead of one.

    It's a rule to finish the sequel leaving more time for foreplay and working your way up to the finale. There's something about having another movie picked out before the first one ends that puts your mind at ease, so you're not scrambling to find the remote when the screen is bright white ruining the mood.

  4. On Demand & Out Of Hand

    If you're ready to impress and get undressed, then this is one of your better options. Whipping this choice out by selecting one of the top ten new movies will do wonders. With an abundant amount of snacks and the purchase of a movie on the spot shows your bae that you're dishing out money for this date instead of picking the most convenient, free movie available.

    Cozy up and experience the intenseness of Shallows causing you to rely on each other for extra warmth because the movie is just making you so damn wet. Or embrace the wild ride of Sausage Party as you fear for each character's life, pinpointing the classic voices used throughout. Whichever genre you choose you can't go wrong with this option because you have every single movie available for you.

  5. Xfinity & Lost Virginity

    With your range of channels from Premium to HD you're guaranteed a satisfying night the second the film starts rolling. With such a clear visual you won't have any technical issues letting you focus on the real story line of the night, scoring with your date.

    You can get all sentimental with the new Tarzan while letting them into not just your childhood moments but many other things if you get what I mean. Having brief moments of chit chat during will only increase the connection, furthering the sexual chemistry that is bound to lead to a more action filled night.

    Or you can keep the mood light by choosing Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates to get a few good laughs in between steamy makeout sessions. We all know hunky, shirtless guys and attractive, sexy women acting out in amateur ways only makes you want to partake in the fun. Don't let their bad behavior deter you from yours and take the valuable lesson that's learned at the end; shit happens, and it all works out.

Regardless of your strong loyalty to Netflix, I dare you to stray away from your peers and take a chance on asking your crush to one of these endearing nights in. Not only will you stand out from the rest but you will increase your chances of ending the night successfully, provided you spice up your movie & sesh in otherways as well. I mean, who doesn't like originality? I know I'd appreciate it.