3 College Majors With the Hottest Girls

Choosing a college major can be one of the most vital decisions of your young adulthood. Not only are there many, many options, but also many different factors influencing your decision.

Situations such as, "Dad is a doctor, and his dad was a doctor. I know they both wish for me to choose the same path, but I don't know if that is what I want," or "My passion and dreams lie with American History, but that will never earn me a comfortable living. Maybe I should just choose an accounting major instead," always take place before making the big decision.

You want to choose something you're not only passionate about, but something you deeply desire to learn about more and improve in. You want to choose whatever makes you happy; not your parents or your grandparents, not your teachers or counselor, but you. So when thinking about your college major and possibly future career, you must ask yourself three things.

First, "what am I good at?" Second, "what do I actually enjoy learning about/doing at school?" And third, the most important, "which major will have the most babes?"

If you're looking to gain not only a college education, but see some total foxes throughout the halls every day, or you're already in college and merely looking where to spend your breaks in between classes, read on to discover the top three majors with the hottest girls.

  1. Nursing

    Without a doubt, nursing is full of the hottest girls on campus. Not only are they a pleasure to look at, but they also possess a compassionate and caring personality.

    Imagine the nursing department as a sorority; it would be a top-of-the-line house filled with the hottest, yet also brightest and most school spirited girls. To be accepted into the nursing program at most colleges is a huge honor and not something easily obtained. So rest assure that every beauty in the nursing program is also a brain.

    Another minor upside is that they'll already have the equipment to play sexy nurse. She can read your pulse as she finds what slows it down and speeds it up, or use her stethoscope to listen to your breathing levels quicken. I mean, a sexy nurse--that's every young boy's fantasy at some point.

    But in all seriousness, nursing programs are home to some of the most bodacious babes strutting around campus and girls like them are few and far between so injure yourself as soon as possible and head towards their department for some sympathy.

  2. Child Development/Psychology

    I grouped these two together because from my own and other's experiences, many of the required courses for both majors are interrelated, therefore mixing many of the students and broadening who you see around campus. Nonetheless, both majors possess their fare share of beautiful girl--child development's share being a bit bigger.

    I suppose care giving is not only human nature within us all, but is ever more present within woman, influencing their passions and interests, then ultimately their careers. So not only is child development--and most psychology courses--full of women to begin with, but they're also empathetic and down-to-earth girls.

    The only downside to dating a girl from the psychology program is that she may begin to overanalyze your every action. She'll understand how to play mind games--real mind games--and call out your intentions behind every action or comment.

  3. Journalism

    Something about a girl who can write and is up-to-date with current news and happenings around the world--and not what the Kardashians are up to--really peaks my interests. I'm not sure what it is about the journalism departments at most colleges, but every year they are filled with absolute bombshells.

    Whether it's the desire to be a future news reporter in front of the camera or the fact that now sites such as Buzzfeed are thought of as real journalism, gorgeous girls flock to the journalism department each year.

    I myself am a journalism student, so I possess the first-hand knowledge of not the only amount, but the quality of fine females that fill the journalism classrooms. Each semester, on the first day of classes, I've always enjoyed grabbing a seat in the middle of the room and just observing all the cute girls that occupy the desks around me. The best part is most of them are very intelligent, and they actually read--books! Just never say anything negative about the future of journalism, and you'll be in.

    The journalism department is also responsible for photojournalism, which is responsible for many artsy and cute girls choosing that major. If you already are aligned with a different major and still wish to immerse yourself in the beauty of journalism, then try working for the student newspaper; it will be full of pretty girls and opportunities to get to know them.