7 Tips to Get Your Girlfriend the Perfect Gift

Whether it be her birthday, your yearly anniversary or a holiday, it calls for gift giving and you're completely lost on what to get your girlfriend.

Well, congratulations for remembering in the first place and knowing you should probably get her something. Some lovers don't even make it that far.

Secondly, congratulations on taking the initiative to make sure you get her something great and finding your way to this article -- everything is going to be okay now.

Anyone can head to the jewelry store and pick out a shiny ring or necklace, and anyone can find a dozen roses at the local grocery store. With that being said, don't do any of that.

This article isn't meant for the basic or go-through-the-motions type of partner. You should be stressed about what to get your girlfriend. Not because you feel pressured to be, but because you care so much about her and about making sure your gift makes her happy. You want to prove to her that you're a total keeper.

If you keep reading this article, your gift will do exactly that.

Now I'm not going to list out gift ideas for you, but instead, ignite ideas within you. After reading this article, you'll have gifts planned out for the next two years worth of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

So keep reading and discover 7 tips for gifting your girlfriend the perfect gift for her.

  1. Plan Ahead

    This is by far the most important tip I can give you that relates to buying your girlfriend a gift. Simply plan ahead. It'll make your life far easier, and it'll pay off when your girlfriend absolutely loves her gift and in turn, loves you.

    Usually, the toughest part about getting someone a gift -- especially a girlfriend -- is deciding on what to get. Planning ahead allows you to weigh countless different options and do a little research into what your girlfriend may actually like, or need.

    They say that time is money, but by taking your time to buy her a gift, you'll probably end up saving quite a bit of money.

    Planning ahead lets you decide between a grand, romantic gesture or a present that suits the occasion. It also allows you time to execute any plan you may have thought up or order online if you've found something on the internet.

    You won't be frantically running to the mall the day before with an unlucky friend who you made tag-a-long, going in and out of every store, hoping something catches your eye and seems worthy. The problem with that is that the gift is rarely sentimental or something that your girlfriend needs. Anything at the mall is something she could have bought herself. Plan ahead and make it something truly special. Something she, or even yourself, thought would ever happen.

  2. Think Practical

    What does your girlfriend actually need? Now, I'm not referring to things like grocery items or more laundry detergent or shampoo. I'm talking about items like new running shoes, a new laptop case or new sunglasses -- not every gift has to come from the end of a rainbow or glitter when she opens it.

    Thinking practical gifts is great because it usually also demonstrates that you pay attention to her and her daily life. You may only know she needs new running shoes because she was complaining about a hole in her current pair the other day, or maybe she lost her favorite pair of sunglasses and doesn't have the money to replace them. Get her something she actually needs and will find herself using on a weekly basis, if not daily.

    Sure, a new shiny ring is beautiful and will make her tear up, but is it something she'll actually be wearing and appreciating? Is it something she found herself desiring and saying, "I need an expensive ring,"? Or is it just going to sit in her jewelry box until special occasions, in which it will merely be a decoration upon her hand?

    Pretty things are nice, but they rarely last. Get your girlfriend a gift that she actually needs, something that will make a difference in her day-to-day. Not only will she appreciate it far more as she utilizes it on a frequent basis, but it'll show that actually in-tune with her life and didn't just opt for a standard, cliche gift.

  3. Use Recent Conversations

    This is by far the most helpful way to find out what your girlfriend may want as a gift for any occasion.

    Your girlfriend may be a mastermind and has been dropping hints throughout casual conversations for weeks, or maybe you've noticed her eyes light up when she begins talking about something specific.

    If you're aware that an occasion is coming up that calls for giving gifts to your girlfriend, then trust me, she is definitely aware too. Try to notice if she repeatedly brings something up in conversation, but make sure not to call attention to it. Merely take notes and continue seeming like you haven't taken notice.

    Maybe she's been complaining about the hole in her favorite pants becoming so big she can no longer wear them, or how she always wanted to be a photographer when she was little and now wishes she had a camera to take pictures for hobby. No matter the topic, no matter the time and place, make sure you're listening to what she has to say and the hardest part about getting gifts -- deciding what to get her in the first place -- may no longer be an issue.

  4. Make Her Something

    Nothing will make your girlfriend tingle inside and blush all over as much as a homemade gift.

    Homemade gifts are few and far between nowadays, so anything made from scratch -- even a card -- will make a huge statement. I'm not saying it is acceptable to only get your girlfriend a card, but if you decide to buy her something online or from the store, including a homemade card will make all the difference. If you decide to make her a card -- which you should -- throw in one of these charming compliments and she'll aboslutely love it.

    Depending on how crafty or skilled you may be with tools, and with how abundant DIY videos are available on Youtube, the possibilities are endless.

    Making gifts at home is great because not only do they save money, but there is no possibly way that the gift WON'T be unique. While it requires more time and patience, it doesn't need to take days, and it doesn't need to compare to Van Gogh.

  5. Relate to Her Passions

    Everybody has a passion, if not multiple. It could be running, painting, video games, magic tricks or even birdwatching -- no matter the hobby, there's always room for new shoes, better brushes, a rare game, an improved act or sharper binoculars. What I'm saying, essentially, is that not only can you gift your girlfriend something relating to her passion, but also something that will enhance and better that hobby.

    Anyone can buy chocolates and flowers. It's been done, and for some reason, it continues to be done. But it takes a special kind of lover to actually sit down and think about what to gift their girlfriend. Don't just go through the motions of buying her a gift because you have to -- take it as an opportunity to demonstrate your love for her and gift her something truly meaningful and useful.

    As the great boyfriend, or partner, that you (hopefully) are, you're already fully aware of your girlfriend's passions and knowledgable about what it is exactly. After all, any great lover would become interested in their partner's interests, right?

    Anyways, do a little research. Look into the "latest and greatest" relating to her field of hobby and see what's out there that could actually benefit your girlfriend consistently. Make your gift something she will find herself using on a regular basis and thinking, "Man, I am sure glad my awesome boyfriend got me this, it's been great to have for..."

    It's the gifts that have them saying that, that set the bar for next year.

  6. Give An Experience

    A very promising and exciting gift idea can be an experience instead of an object. This can refer to a concert, a play, a trip, a sports game, a day at an amusement park or even seeing a talk from someone influential that she admires.

    It may be the object that she uses every day, but it could very well be the awesome experience she finds herself daydreaming about every day.

    It goes without saying, but make sure she is actually interested in whatever you decide. Don't get her tickets to see your favorite football team, when she only acts interested in football cause you are. This is her gift, and it should reflect that, no questions asked.

    Go for a picnic and watch the sunset or hit the mountains and go camping for the weekend -- the experience doesn't necessarily need to be an expensive event. Make your own event.

  7. Don't Be Cliche

    Dude, don't do it. Just don't. She doesn't need a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart, and she especially doesn't need a bouquet of roses. Flowers are great and highly suggested, but don't be cliche and go with roses. Just don't, trust me. There are plenty of romantic gestures that aren't cliche, I promise.

    Be unique and be a little adventurous. Don't play it safe just to make sure she likes her gift. She'll like something outside the box far more than she will something that originated there.

    Just follow the steps above, and you'll be in good shape. For the most part, the tips don't allow room for being cliche -- especially if you decide to make her something yourself.