Surprising Boyfriend Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

As a young child, you always hope to grow up and eventually fall in love with Prince Charming or Mr. Right. But as we grow older and see more of what life has to offer, we begin to understand that life doesn't always end with "happily ever after."

Due to the nature of things -- due to the nature of relationships -- stereotypes regarding boyfriends and girlfriends have become a thing. Whether it be as trivial and cliche as "all guys care about sex or all girls care about is love," sayings and stereotypes have originated that are often quite humorous.

Thankfully, I've gathered a group of hilarious and witty quotes about boyfriends here in this article. To see if your relationship is at the butt of any jokes and or to simply gather some humor for your boyfriend later so you can rag on him, keep reading and discover boyfriend quotes that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

  1. "Women might be able to fake an orgasm, but men can fake a whole relationship."

    Ooooooooh, shots fired!

    If you're having to fake orgasms for your partner, then chances are that both of you are faking far more than that to keep the relationship going.

    If you think about it, I feel as though faking an entire relationship would be more work than actually being in a relationship. I mean, having to put on a show every time you're around your (supposed) lover would be exhausting and not worth the reward, whatever that reward may be.

    Sure, women fake orgasms now and then, but that's because their partners aren't working hard enough. I'd hate to have to work even harder to then only fake what I worked so hard to achieve. It sounds like you're playing yourself.

    But there are the men out there who despite all logical thinking, find themselves in relationships they don't wish to be in, yet continue to fake their way through it. Don't be one of those guys, and especially don't fall for one of those guys.

    No one wants fake orgasms.

  2. "When I lay with my boyfriend, I look at his face and think how blessed I am to have good taste."

    This quote is cute, sweet and even a bit funny.

    It's cute because it touches on an intimate relationship between two lovers -- laying with one another and simply relaxing in each other's company.

    It's sweet because the narrator realizes how blessed they are to have their lover, and is thankful for the love they share with one another.

    And it's funny because their way of saying all this was done by praising themselves, and their good taste in men, by stating that they are blessed by having good taste.

    This good taste then led them to fall in love with an (assumed) awesome guy who makes them feel loved and adored.

    So, essentially, the narrator is praising themselves for having the ability and taste to choose such a great boyfriend! While the entire quote leans towards the more playful and funny side, there is a very sweet message subtly hidden in there as well.

  3. "The sexiest thing your boyfriend can do in bed is make you breakfast."

    This is easily my favorite line. Usually, when speaking about the bedroom and sexy things your boyfriend can do for you, situations involving food, and being clothed, don't come to mind.

    But were talking about a loving relationship here!

    After a few months into a relationship, its the small, sentimental things that keep you emotionally happy and invested in the relationship. Sure, the awesome sex is definitely a plus and the main reason you became interested, but relationships are so, so much more than that.

    This line is witty, cute and definitely not what you expected.

    It also leaves you with things to think about. Have you ever made your lover breakfast in bed? Do you have any special, sexy things you do in the bedroom, not relating to actual sex? Keep your lover on their toes and make the answer to those questions, "Yes."

  4. "Boyfriends showing their feelings are sometimes like farts; if they have to force it, it's probably shit."

    In the grand scheme of things, women tend to be the more emotional one in a relationship.

    Back in the day, a man was supposed to be tough, quiet and express little emotion, but it's 2017 now, and that social norm has long been gone out the window. But that doesn't mean that just cause men are beginning to express their feelings more openly, that they are entirely genuine.

    The play on words used in this quote makes it a great one because any feelings that are being portrayed falsely are essentially shit. Relating it to a fart creates a sense of humor that overall gives a joke a light-hearted undertone.

    If your man sounds like he's reading a book when expressing his feelings for you, then chances are they are shit.

  5. "Most girlfriends need a reason to have sex; boyfriends just need a place."

    This quote is funny, but I'm not entirely sure about how strong it holds up.

    I only say that because it falls in line with the barbaric way of thinking that "all men want is sex," when that is not entirely true whatsoever. While it is true that men usually require less of an emotional bond or connection to sleep with someone, that game has been leveled up, as modern times have socially accepted a woman's freedom to do as well.

    And trust me, I have met my fair share of women who were ready to go no matter where we were or who else was around. Let's just say that public sex is definitely a thing and it is definitely awesome.

    So I think in a general sense, after generalizing every boyfriend to the stereotypical hormone-fueled horndog that society portrays them to be, then sure, the quote holds up, but don't think for a second that this quote can't be reversed and work even better for some couples.

  6. "The best boyfriends are the ones in books" -Leah Blundell

    Ah, yes, nothing is better than the small-town, big-heart lover boy who woos the pretty, shy girl with his kindness and compassion. Who throws pebbles at her window in the middle of the night to tell her he loves her or plays music on a boombox held high above his head.

    These are the type of boyfriends that have set a whole new standard for the "Mr. Right" type of category and have made being an impressive boyfriend a true feat.

    Blundell may be on to something with this quote here, but, then again, these boyfriends she's referring to aren't real!

    But any true gentlemen will show you that these fairy-tale boyfriends do exist and can make their lover a very, very happy person.

  7. "Date and marry a man your own age; as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight."

    In all honesty, I feel that this is a classic grandma quote.

    Maybe it's wrong of me, but I picture a little, puffy-haired grandma saying this quote to her teenaged granddaughter and then cracking up, prompting the granddaughter to laugh as well because every good grandkid knows you're supposed to laugh at your grandparents jokes, especially when you can't understand them.

    But I enjoy this quote because it entails growing old together and loving each other for life, no matter the flaws that inevitably come with old age.

  8. "Love is telling your boyfriend he has morning breath and needs to brush his teeth before kissing good morning"

    Man, oh, man - if the tears in our eyes don't give it away immediately, then my girlfriend and I always let each other know when one of our morning breaths is reaching toxic levels.

    At first, we simply wouldn't breathe in each other's direction. Soon enough our love for another overpowered and we'd peck a good morning kiss. But now that the honey moon stage is over, neither one of us are hesitant to say, "wow you need to brush your teeth. Hurry up so I can kiss you."

    At that right there, is love. The level of comfort with one another and the honesty to say something emerbarssing -- true love in a nutshell.