5 Unexpected Signs He's Really Into You

Guys and girls tend to go about things pretty differently, whether it's planning a party, making lunch, or even letting someone know that we're interested in them. While our (guys') parties may be crazier and not as neat, or our lunches over-the-top and super messy, our ways of hinting to a girl that we like them are far simpler and easier to read.

While girls have over 100 ways to signal that they like a guy, guys tend to have around 10, if even. We're straightforward, to the point and don't care to play any mind games; if we want something, we're going to go straight for it.

If you aren't sure whether a guy genuinely likes you or is just a friendly dude, read on to discover five ways to tell if a guy is interested.

  1. He Initiates

    One of the biggest telltale signs that a guy is into you is if he's the one to initiate contact. Whether it's a quick text, walking with you after class or inviting you out to dinner, if a guy likes you, he'll find a reason to talk to you.

    During this day-and-age, the most common form of communication is through text messaging--and for a nervous guy who's trying to talk to his crush, this is perfect. Because of this, it allows him to text you asking for/about things he didn't necessarily need to ask about, or start a conversation that otherwise wouldn't need to happen.

    Many times this will happen in person, though--as it should. As with most people, most men start to feel a bit courageous and suave after a few drinks, prompting them to approach that cute girl they've been staring at all night from across the bar. While these situations can sometimes be creepy and ill-mannered, most of the time (depending on the time of night and location) they are genuine and take a lot of guts.

    Maybe he's texted you asking about the homework or to see if you're going out tonight, or maybe he's asked if you'd like a drink or to dance, either way, if he's initiating the contact, there's a great chance that he's interested in you.

  2. He Listens and Remembers

    This one is very, very true. I could sit here and list off countless, random facts about the girl I'm currently interested in, yet couldn't list you 10 about some of my closest friends. It's not that I don't care about my friends--I absolutely love them--I was just far more interested in and intrigued by this gorgeous girl for 15 minutes than I have ever been with my friends.

    If a guy is interested in you, he's going to listen to what you have to say. If a guy likes you and cares about you, he's going to remember what you said; it's as simple as that. Does he not only remember you talking about your favorite childhood candy, but also remembers what it was and why? He likes you. And chances are he totally thinks you're a keeper.

    With all the football and baseball stats we can recite on cue, our memories are usually in pretty tip-top shape in regards to anything we're seriously interested in, and this includes women. Anybody can sit there, listen and reply. But only those who truly care will sit there, listen, understand, reply and then remember what you said. Get yourself a guy who understands and remembers.

  3. Body Language Cues

    Body language has the potential to speak volumes if you know how to read it correctly. Hell, body language usually tells the truth far more than what people actually say. Whenever a guy is interested in a girl, his flirty body language is giving off signals left and right, whether he knows it or not.

    One of the easiest and most immediate body signals to recognize when a guy is into you is mirroring. If you notice that he's mimicking your body language, it demonstrates that he is not only focused on you, but also trying to connect and relate with you. Men are usually unaware that they are doing this, as it is a subconscious act, further implying that it is a genuine signal and not something forced.

    Other body language signals that tell he is into you include positioning his feet towards you, demonstrating that he is engaged in the conversation and not trying to walk away. Eye contact is also very important. As a man, I definitely focus on making eye contact when talking with a girl I am interested in to let her know that not only am I listening, but also actually care and am giving you my undivided attention.

    Other signals, of course, include body contact. Whether it's a slight touch on the wrist when laughing, a subtle hand on the back to guide you along a crowd or a long hug goodbye, a guy who is interested in you will find a way to touch you.

  4. Acts Differently Around You

    If a guy likes you, he is going to act differently around you--it is inevitable. Maybe he gets a bit nervous and blushes when you talk to him, or he's no longer the "wild child" screaming for everyone to do a round of shots; no matter the case, he's going to behave differently.

    What this different behavior indicates is that he holds you in a different regard. Maybe he doesn't want to come across as the madman all of his friends refer to him as because he wants you to see a gentleman who would make a great boyfriend. Or maybe he simply likes you so much that he gets nervous and worried about saying something dumb--that's the oldest sign in the book that someone likes you.

    No matter the case, if a guy genuinely likes you, you're going to notice different behavior in him whenever he's speaking with you than compared to his friends.

  5. Compliments Your Appearance

    The biggest and clearest sign that a guy is into you is if he compliments your appearance. It's his way of letting you know that he notices you and wants you to notice him. If he give compliments that aren't about your looks, then he's seriously crushing.

    Men are attracted solely by visual appearances much more than women, meaning that his go-to plan for letting you know he is interested will most likely be him complimenting your outfit.

    If the guy is already a good friend of yours, then he may just be being nice, but if it's a random guy at the bar or in between classes, chances are he likes more than just your outfit.