Recently Voted Top 5 Date Ideas During the Holiday Season

It's that time of year again, when the single people of the world are quickly pairing up for the cold months ahead, and the already-couples are growing giddy for romantic dates and meeting their lover's families. If you are part of the former and merely looking for a fling during the holiday season, I advise you read this article on winter break flings to know what you're getting yourself into.

The holidays, in my opinion, are a truly magical time. There's a certain feeling of cheer and joy that's constant in the atmosphere and vibe of any room. There's an extra glisten in everybody's eye and an extra cackle to their laughs. Everyone's quick to give a hug and even quicker to give a friendly smile. Even those who choose to spend the holidays alone.

This extra cheer and joy also translate between lovers. Going through the holidays with a special someone is a truly remarkable sensation that causes one to feel like a little kid on Christmas morning all over again.

During the holiday season, when love is in abundance, great date ideas are also out there for the choosing. From snowy afternoons spent cuddling on the couch watching a movie, to enjoying a nice cup of coco at your favorite spot -- which is adorably decorated, of course.

If you're in search of some killer date ideas during the holiday season, read on to discover the recently voted, top five date ideas during the holiday season.

  1. Ice Skating

    Nothing symbolizes winter time and a romantic date better than going ice skating.

    It's in all the movies, it's all over social media, and if you take your lover, then they'll be all over you. Whether that's because they can't skate and will be clinging to you for life so they don't fall, or because they'll be swooned by your date idea, is to be determined. Either way, there will be plenty of close contact and romantic, "Awwww"s to be had.

    Ice skating is a top-notch date idea during the holidays because it only comes around during this specific time of year and is the epitome of the holiday season. And it doesn't even matter if there is snow or not! I grew up in San Diego, where the concept of snow totally baffles some people, and we still had ice skating rinks during the holidays. The one I grew up going to was on the beach!

    One tip is to make sure you go to a skating rink outside. Score even more brownie points if you go at night -- it'll surely be decorated with lights and all that holiday jazz, creating a real romantic experience for you and your lover.

  2. Buy and Decorate A Tree

    Thanksgiving has come and gone and just like every year, you ate too much and drank even more. Christmas season is in full effect, and those Christmas feels have infected any and every one.

    A great date idea for you and lover is to head out to a local Christmas tree farm and buy a tree just for the two of ya. It doesn't have to -- and shouldn't -- be a massive, ceiling-scraper of a tree. Find a cute, little tree that won't require any serious care or cause a serious mess and make it your very own together.

    The best part of the experience is merely being at the tree farm and enjoying the smell of the fresh pine and all the freshly cut wood. Running in and out of rows, checking out trees here and there can be a lot of fun for you and your lover. I guarantee there will be Christmas lights lighting up the place so your Christmas senses will be tingling at full capacity.

    Chances are that it will be cold out, so bundle up and grab some hot coco or coffee beforehand. After picking your tree, take it home, get all cozy and start decorating. The littler the tree, the easier it'll be to decorate and, honestly, the cuter. Remember Charlie Brown's Christmas?

    Having a Christmas tree together can be a really romantic gesture in a lighthearted manner that will compliment the holiday season magically. Every time you walk into the room and see the tree you picked out together all lit up and covered in ornaments; you'll feel as warm as hot coco or fresh gingerbread cookies


  3. Cozy Night In Holiday Baking

    My personal favorite aspect of the holiday season is being able to bundle up in a comfy jacket, grab my favorite blanket and cozy up on the couch. If there's a Christmas movie on and a fire going then all the better! Either way, I'll be merry.

    If the weather isn't permitting for any of these other date ideas, then grab your comfy clothes, a delicious holiday season baking recipe, and enjoy a night in, baking. Between the smell of fresh cookies in the air, being bundled up in your comfiest clothes and listening to Christmas music, you and your lover will feel like little kids again and love every moment of it together.

    Baking together is already a very fun and sincere bonding experience, but doing so during the holidays is on a whole different level. Dab frosting on each other and leave floury handprints on your lover's ass -- this is supposed to be the merriest season of them all.

    A simple night in full of cheer, cookies, Christmas music, coco, pajamas, cozy blankets and then a Christmas movie to end the night sounds like a hell of a good time, and I wouldn't be surprised if Santa showed up a few days early just to hang out.

  4. See the Local Holiday Play

    While all of these date ideas are world class, this is my favorite one. There's something about getting dressed up, enjoying a nice dinner out and then enjoying an even nicer play relating to the holiday season.

    Merely the vibe upon showing up to the theater is a merry and fun one due to the holiday decorations, the other cheerful guests and the more-than-friendly workers assisting everyone. It truly is an unexplainable feeling that warms from within you and radiates from your head to your toes.

    Tickets can be a little pricy depending on the venue and production, but I guarantee that it will be worth it. Not only is it the perfect date idea due to the holiday season, but also because it is such a cheerful and joyous occasion that you two won't be able to help but fall more in love.

  5. See the Lights

    Ah, the ultimate night out during the holiday season. Put on your warm clothes, grab a hot coco and go to that one, special neighborhood in the area known for having awesome light decorations every year. Come on, we all know a neighborhood like the one I'm talking about.

    This is a great date idea because it truly can be romantic. From the beautiful lights twinkling to the cold weather forcing you two close together, a date night looking at Christmas lights can be a great one.

    Whether you drive or walk around the neighborhood, just make sure to be respectful of those who live there. Remember that they are people's houses and property, not just decorations set up for the enjoyment of others.