7 Quick Fashion Tips For Men Looking to Get More Dates

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. And sometimes, that first impression can be finalized in a matter of seconds simply by the style of clothes one may be wearing.

No matter the case, it is always important to dress your best. Growing up, I once heard someone say, "Dress every day as though you were about to meet the love of your life." So, to the best of my effort, I have dressed quite exceptionally up to this point in my life and trust me, it makes a HUGE difference.

Nearly every time I go out, I'll receive a compliment on my attire. Sometimes it's from a random girl at the bar or a friend I meet up with, and other times it has even been bouncers or bartenders. Not only is it a huge confidence booster, but also the ladies always seem to love and well-dressed and "hip" gentleman.

So if you're after a new-and-improved, sleek and smooth looking style, read on to discover seven tips that will surely help you out.

  1. Fit

    I cannot stress enough how important the right fit is when wearing clothes. Far too often, guys wear clothes that are too big for them and damage any style points they may receive from the ladies.

    These large clothes then make their bodies appear larger, as the baggy shirts and super-wide pants sway side to side as they walk. It all comes down to personal preference, but you almost want your clothes hugging you.

    Slim and tight clothes give you a sleek look, rather than baggy clothes that make you appear ready for a movie night on the couch. Again, the effect of great fitting clothes is easily one of the most important fashion tips for men.

  2. Keep It Simple

    It's always great to add a bit of flare to your wardrobe with a flashy watch or a nice necklace, but don't overdue it. When deciding on color schemes, keep it to a maximum of three to four colors; you want to stand out like a well-dressed gentleman, not a rainbow. And a matching, well-dressed gentleman at that--so make sure your colors match, and no more than one pattern allowed.

    I reccomend looking through men's accessory sections in stores or on sites. In my opinion, you can almost never go wrong with Nordstrom.

    Know the occasion you are dressing up for a dress appropriately. Keep it simple with the basic wardrobe essentials: a nice, quality t-shirt, a clean and sleek pair of jeans/pants, a comfortable, yet fashionable pair of shoes, and, if needed, a sporty, slim jacket.

    Headwear is not essential, neither is jewelry or socks with designs on them, just keep it simple and stick to the basics for a sleek and complete looking wardrobe.

  3. Upgrade Your Shave

    No matter how fly your wardrobe may be, unkempt facial hair can be a major drawback on one's style and a huge turnoff for women. If you're clean-shaven, then there's nothing to worry about, unless you feel like trying out something new.

    If you have trouble taming your beard sign up for Dollar Shave Club, or invest in some pricey products that you'll force yourself to get use out of.

    If you sport facial hair--no matter where or how much--it is important that you tend to it and keep it looking tidy. Loose hairs or a rough beard can be a total buzz killer and may be the difference from waking up alone or not.

  4. Change Your Take on Casual

    Everyone has their own interpretation of "casual" when it comes to not only spending time, but wardrobe as well. No matter if you find yourself wearing collared shirts every day or sweat pants and a tank top, that there is your casual wear.

    So kick it up a notch and upgrade your interpretation of casual wear and start looking like a designer model on the regular. You may feel weird and uncomfortable doing this at first--"Why'd that guy gel his hair and get all dressed up for an 8 a.m. class?"--but the more you do it, the more normal and casual it will become.

  5. Don't Worry About Trends

    Do not, I repeat, do not, worry about the latest fashion trends. Fashion trends are one of the worst things out there. Why does everyone want to start dressing the same as each other anyways?

    Don't get sucked in by all the craze on social media regarding fashion trends; most of them are dumb and rarely last that long in the first place. Dress how you want and dress in what makes you feel comfortable.

    The brightest star is the one that travels alone, so don't worry about falling in line with everyone else on the latest fashion trend, be unique and just do you.

  6. Pay Zero Attention to Brand Names

    Before going to purchase an item, truly ask yourself if you really like the idea of yourself in the specific item of clothing, or if you merely like the brand name that it will display across your chest.

    You should only be purchasing the piece if you truly enjoy how it looks on you and how you feel it in. There's no better brand to represent than confidence in yourself, so avoid wearing brand names simply to wear brand names--no one is that impressed, anyways.

  7. Develop Your Image

    Your new style isn't going to appear over night. Cultivate your image over time and try out old pieces with new pieces, or even old pieces with even older pieces.

    Be as anal about your image in real life as you are about the vibes you put out via dating profile.

    Sometimes the best finds are old shirts we forgot we had or someone else's old shirt from a local thrift store. Find an image that works, and mix it up until you find another. Never stop trying out different clothes together and discovering what works and what doesn't work. Explore not only your style, but in a sense, yourself.