New Research Proves Why Wild Sex is the Best Sex

Warning: This article is not for the straight-and-narrow or alter boys of the world. It includes raunchy and sexually-charged tips, lessons and research.

If you found your way to this article on purpose, or are only now intrigued after hearing my warning above, then welcome and glad to have you.

This article doesn't just cover the topic of wild sex and its benefits; it also serves as a guide and how-to for rough and wild sex. You'll learn not only how wild sex benefits you, but also how to have wild sex and why you should immediately.

It's not about expressing your love and appreciation for your lover, but more about expressing your deepest (kinkiest) desires and natural urges. Wild sex is your opportunity to truly let loose and become carefree.

Read on to discover why wild sex has been proven to be the best sex.

  1. Proven to be Healthy

    Sex is already good for you for both mental and physical reasons. Essentially, it's the most pleasurable workout with the most desirable end-goal.

    Wild sex takes it to the next level. Chances are, you'll be throwing each other around, lifting one another and working your lungs at max capacity until the very last thrust. If you're doing it right, you'll feel as though you just took part in a 3-day triathlon and your partner should be gasping for air as if they just did too.

    Not only does wild sex serve as top-notch physical exercise through its benefits in warding off heart attacks, keeping your bones healthy and releasing stress, it also serves as a great aid with mental health.

    Rough, carefree sex allows you the opportunity to release a lot of built-up energy or frustration. We all know how nice it is to punch or hit something while filled with anger; with wild sex, those are both encouraged and very pleasurable. Once done, you'll feel on cloud 9 with not a single thing weighing you down.

    But the mental benefits from slamming into walls and yelling at the top of your lungs don't end there -- wild sex has also been proven to act as a natural anti-depressant, bring on better sleep and skyrocket people's confidence.

  2. It's Reinvigorating

    We, as humans, tend to be creatures of habit. Meaning, once we find out a way to do something effectively or enjoyably, we stick to that way of doing it and create a pattern of repetition. This can relate to everyday things like the pattern in which you brush your teeth, the shapes and sizes in which you cut your food or even the order in which you put your shoes on.

    This can relate to everyday things like the pattern in which you brush your teeth, the shapes and sizes in which you cut your food or even the order in which you put your shoes on. But it can also refer to the order in which make your way around your lover's body during foreplay, the place and position in which you have sex and even the things you say or don't say, while it's happening.

    While familiarity and repetition can be comforting, it can also grow mundane and boring. When talking about sex, it can definitely, and will, become mundane and boring. With wild sex, that will never become the case.

    Wild sex, especially when not had every time around, can be one of the most enlightening and reinvigorating experiences of your life. It's an act of utter passion, right then and there in the very moment that you're living. There are no preset guidelines, there is no plan of action, and no expectations have been preconceived -- wild sex is raw, in the moment and free.

    You'll be strutting your stuff around town feeling like an entirely new, and improved, version of yourself. I swear it; you'll feel like the world has had a secret the whole time and you just figured it out. You'll feel as though you have a leg up on everyone else, like you know something they don't and that only strengthens your enlightenment even more.

  3. It Can Be Passionate

    Wild sex calls for constant body contact, the revealing of your true, sexual self to your lover, and ends with a sense of revitalization.

    Speaking from familiarity, such an experience can ignite a meaningful bond between you and your lover. You will almost feel as though you and your partner have connected in a natural, and almost spiritual, way -- a sexual passion.

    You've now both seen each other at your rawest forms and share this state of enlightenment together. It is revealing, and potentially eye-opening, to see your partner in such a sexually charged state and can leave you saying, "Wow, I didn't know you could do that/that was possible/enjoyed that sorta thing."

    Wild sex is nothing but a deep passion and desire for your loved one that's being expressed in the most desirable and revealing way possible. If that doesn't sound passionate to you, then I don't know what does.

  4. It's Animalistic

    According to the socially accepted standard, sex is an intimate act that takes place in the comfort of your own home. According to actual sex, it is a pleasurable and desirable act between two lovers somewhere secret and acceptable. According to wild sex, it is a natural, raw and animalistic act that takes between two people anywhere and everywhere imaginable.

    Wild sex stands alone in its very own category and rightfully so. I'm not talking about saying a few dirty things here and there or slapping as; I'm referring to clawing, biting, being hit and thrown around while moving throughout the house having sex in any and every room.

    Release the animal inside you and let go -- forget the typical social norms and lessons you learned at Sunday school. Act not by the standards that you think surround safe and acceptable love making, but by the inner desires and kinky pleasures that reside in your true, animalistic self.

    Be rough and aggressive without a worry for acting like a gentleman or how your mother raised you. Wild sex calls for acting wild, not domesticated.

  5. Let Loose - Be Freaky

    As discussed earlier, rough and wild sex takes us back to our natural, animalistic roots before sex became such a socially taboo subject. Well combining those natural instincts with the brain capacity for pleasure that we possess today, things are going to get pretty freaky, and I highly encourage that they do.

    Ever find yourself curious about a wild sex position or crazy version of foreplay, or how it'd feel to role play and act out a dirty situation? Well now is your chance to find out. And don't stop there. Release your kinkiest desires and feel alive like never before.

    Let loose and don't be shy about it. Being vocal can be one of the sexiest and dirtiest parts about sex, and I have never, ever met someone who doesn't enjoy a loud lover. Yell obscene comments as your going to town and let your lover know how much you're enjoying it. Don't be afraid to take control and boss your lover around as you tell them what you're going to do to them next.

    Not only will wild sex put your inner-freakiness at a healthy level again and allow you to think with a clearer head, but it also reduces stress and allows you to continue your day with that same carefree and cloud nine attitude.

    So grab your lover by the throat, find the nearest wall and kiss them into it. Reveal your kinkiest self and let loose -- we're all secretly a bunch of freaks anyways.