5 Luxurious Date Night Ideas for Ballers

Your weekly, or maybe even monthly, date night is a few days away and you're craving something a little different than your average dinner date or date at home. Money isn't an issue this time around -- or maybe ever, depending on your finances -- and you feel like treating your lover to something truly special. Essentially, you feel like ballin out on date night.

You've eaten enough "candlelit" dinners and seen too many "Greatest Movie of the [Enter Weather Season Here]" movies; you're ready to add that extra comma to the bill and add that amazing date night to the memories you'll never forget.

This article includes five truly ballin ideas for a kickass date night, or even date weekend, that will have you and your lover on cloud 9. If you feel like treating not only your partner right but also, and most importantly, yourself, then keep reading and discover five luxurious date nights for when you're' ballin out.

  1. Weekend Getaway

    For the average person in life, a weekend getaway is a big ordeal that can require weeks of planning, persistent pleading for time off at work and months of saving up money. But for those with a little more green to their grass, weekend getaways don't pose such an imposition to many aspects of their lives. Half the time, for the wealthy, weekend getaways are of the norm and date night or not, they'd be going somewhere anyways.

    But, when it comes down to date night, why wouldn't you want to make it a date weekend and get away somewhere special? Get away somewhere beautiful where you'll make even more beautiful memories that will have you and your partner dying to get back whenever possible.

    It doesn't have to be across the country, in the Bahamas or even somewhere far enough for a road trip, but if you're really feelin' like a baller, then, by all means, eat your heart out. Go to that new resort located on a remote island, fly from New York City to San Diego to escape the winter weather, or take that 6-hour drive to a secluded lakehouse in the mountains -- simply take your partner somewhere out of the daily hustle and bustle that they're used to and change up your surroundings and pace of living for the weekend.

    When you getaway, though, make sure it is just you and your lover. No personal drivers or assistants or constant phone calls; it's called a "getaway" for a reason. Getaway from your daily grind and unwind.

    A weekend getaway is truly the most balling date night of all because, essentially, it is a date weekend. Nothing says you're wealthy like changing your typical date night of a nice dinner to a trip halfway across the country for a weekend.

  2. Rent Out a Cinema

    There is nothing more standard for date night than seeing a movie. Typically, that will include dinner as well, but still, all I'm hearing is "basic." So a tip for all you rooks out there before I start speaking specifically to the ballers: dinner and a movie is not romantic and it sure as hell isn't original. If you've been dating for a while and both feel like laying low, then, by all means, go for it. But if you're trying to treat your significant other to a special night, then just trust me and check out this article on great, first date ideas, instead.

    Now, ballers, where were we? Oh yeah, talking about RENTING OUT AN ENTIRE MOVIE THEATER FOR YOUR DATE NIGHT!

    I mean, holy shit. After hearing this was possible, I'm stuck between working my ass off to earn enough money to do this one day or simply dating rich! The main reason I ripped into the rookies earlier about taking a lover to a movie for a nice date night was because of how restricting a movie can be. You can't talk and interaction between one another is pretty much nonexistent while the film is rolling. But if you have the entire theater to yourself? Hell, you could get naked if you really wanted!

    Personal Tip: do it.

    But seriously, renting the entire theater out demonstrates a true baller on multiple levels. First, your significant other will not expect that to be the case; so when you guys walk in and they see that no one else is around -- that the entire cinema has been catered to you two for the night -- they'll be absolutely flattered, shocked and probably even a little wet. Upon entering the theater and seeing every, single, seat, open and ready for the taking will be overwhelming and you'll both feel like little kids again. So go ahead, run a few laps up and down the stairs and jump between rows of seats -- you know you'll want to.

    So not only is renting out an entire cinema for date night a baller idea because it cost a lot of money, but also because of how grand the experience will be. An empty theater is not something many people have been lucky enough to enjoy. But to know that you actually made it happen on purpose, well shit...wanna take me out?

  3. Fly to Favorite Restaurant Across State

    The ballers of ballers, please gather around and listen closely, because this one is for you. It's not strange for a typical date night to entail a nice dinner at one of your favorite restaurants, but what if that restaurant is a few states over, or if you're in California, upstate quite a bit? For you true ballers out there, this is probably something you've dealt with before and already know how to handle, but for those of you who haven't ever thought this far outside the box, I suggest you keep reading.

    Now nothing says you are truly balling out on date night like taking a personal plane to dinner -- to dinner! Nothing. If you have an idea, feel free to email me. My email is you'rewrong@nicetry.com.

    Now I'm not talking about the opening night of some grand restaurant or an extravagant dinner party -- which is a few grades beyond a date night -- I'm talking about your standard, "Where do you want to eat tonight?" type dinner. If you and your lover were to finally decide on a restaurant and they then proceed to mention that it's a 2-hour flight, so you two better grab a jacket and get going, you'd probably laugh and believe it to be a joke.

    But you're balling out on date night and want to make it one of those, "Remember when we..." type of experiences. Well, this is probably the most guaranteed way to do exactly that.

  4. Go Wine Tasting

    Wine tasting screams (like a drunk white girl) ballin. And I'm not referring to sampling wines at a fancy restaurant that specializes in wine; I'm talking about tasting a specially made wine paired with a specially made cheese that have both been aging at an actual Winery where vineyards stretch acres upon acres of land.

    Everything about wineries and wine tasting possess a fancy-pants and upper-class connotation. From the luxurious clothes to the pinkies held in the air, merely stop by a winery to use the restroom while you're on a road trip and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. But plan a date for you and your lover at one of these wineries and you'll feel exactly what I'm talking about.

    So dress in your Sunday Best, splurge on the fancy cheeses and Chef's Special, and plan to need a ride home. You're not only expanding your palletes and experience as new wine and cheese connoisseurs; you're getting fashionably drunk with your lover and doing so with class.

  5. See a Popular Show

    Now it should go without saying, but by "show," I'm not talking about the new, hit movie in 3D at the local movie theater; I'm referring to your favorite Talk Show host or a, "Must See!" play on Broadway.

    Attending a popular show is a true ballin move for date night because besides getting to see an amazing show that will have all of your friends calling for details, it also entails so many side bonuses as well. For example, it probably requires that you dress up and look sharp -- always fun -- and it'll probably be at a time that makes sense for you to grab a nice dinner out before -- always ballin.

    From seeing Hamilton on Broadway to attending The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you and your date are going to have a night you'll never forget and you'll be feeling like a true baller for so many different reasons.