5 Guaranteed Signs That He is Sexually Interested in You

Is he just a friendly guy or is he actually into you? This is a common conundrum that countless girls are faced with weekend after weekend, bar after bar.

While a guy's taste may not be very particular, his way of showing his interest in someone most definitely can be. Whether he wants to take you out or take you home, he'll make sure that you're aware of his interests.

Some guys -- usually the creeps -- have no shame in blatantly telling a woman that they are interested in them. While others -- usually the ones worth your while -- are much more sly and quiet in portraying their interest in you.

I'm sure you can all think of a time when you weren't sure whether a guy was into you or not. Was he just friendly, or merely a flirty drunk? What did he mean when he said, "I like your ..." There are infinite instances where intentions and emotions can be misinterpreted or missed entirely.

After reading this article, you will never again have a single ounce of doubt on whether a guy is sexually interested in you or not. You'll be able to tell within seconds and then spend the rest of the time deciding what you want to do with that kind of information.

If you have ever been unsure about a guy's interest in you, continue reading to discover five sure-fire ways to tell if a guy is sexually interested in you.

  1. His Eyes Are All Over You

    If a man is sexually attracted to you, his eyes well tell it all.

    Many guys have wandering eyes; whether we're in class, driving on the road or in the bar, we're in constant search of something worth focusing our attention on. Chances are, if a guy is sexually interested in you, he won't be able to keep his eyes off of you -- they'll be all over you just as he wishes he could be.

    If you're ever curious about whether a guy is interested in you or not, simply watch his eyes. If you find him looking at you more often than not, then you've definitely gained his interest. Chances are he won't even realize how much he is staring at you until you catch him in the process.

    You've clearly gained his full attention while out at the bars, meaning he wants to give you far more than that later in the night.

    Make sure you understand the difference between sexually-curious staring and creepy-stalker staring. While a lot of it simply depends on whether the guy is good looking or not, there certainly is a difference, and you'll be able to feel it.

  2. He Initiates Body Contact

    It has been scientifically proven that when someone is interested in another person, they deliberately try to make skin-to-skin contact with that person whenever they have the chance.

    Whether it's a quick hug when first seeing each other, a supportive hand on the lower back when walking through a crowd or even a quick pat/rub on the arm while laughing at a funny joke, a guy interested in you will find any reason to come into contact with you.

    He does this because, well, he likes you, but also because he wants you to like him. Consistent body contact is typically a thing that takes place between close friends or lovers, and that is exactly how he wants you to think of him.

    Frequent body contact will also breed familiarity and make sleeping with one another not such a foreign idea, but more of a comforting and familiar one.

  3. He "Fixes" Himself

    We are all guilty of this one. And the best part is that few of us are aware of it.

    One of the tell-all signs associated with having interest in someone is the subconscious "fixing" of yourself everytime they come into the room. I promise you. After learning about it in my psychology class, I've noticed it happen to a girl I was talking to, who's friends later came up to me and told me to ask her out, and I've caught it happening to myself mid-act.

    The most obvious sign is when they begin to fix, or play with, their hair. I swear it. Take note of this tip and check it out next time you're at the bar.

    Maybe she's been complaining about the hole in her favorite pants becoming so big she can no longer wear them, or how she always wanted to be a photographer when she was little and now wishes she had a camera to take pictures for hobby. No matter the topic, no matter the time and place, make sure you're listening to what she has to say and the hardest part about getting gifts -- deciding what to get her in the first place -- may no longer be an issue.

  4. He Gets Close and Stays Close

    After he's stared at you from across the bar long enough and has made his move in your direction, notice how he'll be within an arms reach from here on out.

    If a guy is sexually interested in you, then once he finds an opportunity to be close to you he will take it and maintain it. It's not that he won't let you out of his sight -- he won't let you out of his reach. And he could do all this without even interacting with you still. But once he does make that first move, he'll try to remain even closer.

    Whether it's a crowded bar so you have to be literally face-to-face, or he merely steps forward as you take a step back, he'll get close and stay close. I must advise that if this happens to you and it makes you uncomfortable, and you clearly are not interested, don't allow it to continue happening and let him know that he needs to leave. If he doesn't, tell the bartender and they'll have him handled.

    Typically, though, those are the type of guys who will make it blatantly obvious that they are sexually into you, making these tips useless. And, typically, those are the type of guys who are creepy and way too crude.

    If you're curious about a guy's feelings for you -- a guy who actually deserves your attention and isn't a total bum -- simply watch him as he stands around you. Chances are he won't wander very far.

  5. Obvious Flirting

    The most obvious and old-fashioned way to tell if a man is sexually interested in you is whether he flirts with you or not. And I don't mean subtle flirting that causes you to question every little move he makes; I'm talking about full-blown, "You have very pretty eyes," type of flirting.

    Essentially, every thing I've listed thus far falls into the category of flirting, but now I'm referring to face-to-face flirting. Like when he laughs at your jokes a little too hard or is quick to lend you his jacket if you're cold. A sure sign is any attempt at a flattering compliment, no matter how cheesy it may come off.

    Does he offer to buy you a drink or share some of his food? He's into you. Does he immediately look at you after telling a joke to see if you're laughing? He's into you. Does he straight up tell you he's into you? He's into you.

    We all know the signs of standard flirting, and we've all seen it blatantly take place. It's up to you to recognize it unfolding before you and decide how you wish to react.

    Either way, you can act in full confidence knowing that you will never miss out on an opportunity with a guy due to being oblivious to their efforts. This article has now set you up to pick up on even the slightest of glimpses into a man's sexual interest in you. If you ever need some tips for getting that special someone interested in you in the first place, try out this article on subtle tips that make you attractive to men.