5 Weird Hacks That Boost Confidence In Men

One of the most torturous things men can deal with is a lack of confidence--or anyone can deal with, for that matter. It can be a growing darkness that they've been dealing with for a while, or it can appear out of nowhere and quickly suck them in. No matter the case, it is easy to climb into doubt, and even harder to climb on out.

Once your confidence is lacking, even the smallest of tasks seem impossible and any efforts to change it seem overbearing. You no longer enjoy social gatherings or meeting new people, you begin to question all your actions and feel like you're doing everything wrong, your morals and beliefs quickly turn to foreign ideologies--you haven't just lost your confidence, you've lost yourself.

Thankfully though, there are ways to fix this. There are small, daily habits that one can do to quickly gain all the confidence in the world. The thing about confidence is that it is a mental state of mind, meaning it can be altered much quicker than a muscle or a bone, and the effects are also much greater.

If you've been lacking confidence lately or merely wish to boost the confidence you already possess, read on to discover 5 daily tips to enhance your confidence.

  1. Focus on Your Posture

    Believe it or not, but one's posture plays a substantial role in their levels of confidence and positive introspection. While your posture can also display confidence to those around you, confidence within yourself is most important and the first step to impressing everyone else is to start by impressing yourself.

    Whether you're sitting in class, standing in line at the bank, or chatting it up with a cute girl at the bar, the way you position your body can say a lot about you. If you stand tall and proud, you will feel tall and proud; it is scientifically proven and actually the topic of discussion in a TED talk by Amy Cuddy.

    It is widely known that how you feel affects your body language. Well, just as easily, your body language can also affect how you feel. If you scurry around all day with your shoulders low and your head even lower, it is inevitable that your confidence levels are low as well. But if you strut around all day with your head held high and your self-worth held even higher, then inevitably you will feel confident and competent.

    So stand tall, keep your back straight and look each and every person in the eye. Before you know it, you'll start to have more confidence in yourself than ever before.

  2. Set Daily Goals and Meet Them

    One of the most detrimental aspects to one's confidence is the feeling of incompetence. Anyone who doesn't in themselves enough to correctly or thoroughly complete a task is ultimately lacking all confidence. Whether it's making a decision for their group project, or deciding where to go to dinner, the littlest of decisions can seem like a potential life-threatening disaster.

    That's why it is crucial to set daily goals for yourself. Each and every day, have a set list of goals that you wish to accomplish that day, and mark them off on a piece of paper as you complete them. The act of finishing something and crossing it off the list can deliver such a sense of accomplishment that your confidence can't go anywhere else but up.

    Even little tasks such as making your bed, making breakfasts, going to class, getting the mail, etc. can have a significant impact on your confidence and overall well-being. Think about it, no one feels good after a day of nothing but lounging around on the couch. Maybe it was a day of recovery after a night out, but anymore than that one day and you start to go crazy from feeling useless and being inactive.

    So write down daily goals, cross them off the list and revel in your newfound confidence that will continue to grow if you continue to set daily goals. You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day. So master the day. Then just keep doing that every day.

  3. Exercise

    Nothing possesses the power to boost your confidence more than exercise and being active. Not only does working out also make you look better, but it literally makes you feel better by releasing chemicals in the brain that reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote a clear, and level, state of mind.

    As people tend to say, your body is your temple. You must treat your body with the utmost respect and make sure it is not only functioning properly, but is reliable. You wouldn't put sludgy gasoline in your brand new Lamborghini, would you?

    Whether it's a quick, 15-minute jog or a few pushups and crunches every night before going to bed, the mere act of being active, and the eventual improvements in appearance, will improve your confidence immensely.

  4. Learn to Laugh at Yourself

    This is by far the most important and life-changing tip on this list. It may seem insignificant and unimportant when talking about confidence in yourself, but it's what the act of laughing at yourself symbolizes that screams confidence.

    Learning to laugh at yourself--whether you've made a silly, and slightly embarrassing, mistake or your ears stick out a little too far and a friend called you Dumbo--demonstrates that you know how to embrace not only your mistakes, but your imperfections as well. And those two qualities right there are a sure sign of a confident man who understands how important it is to be in your own skin.

    You can have the best posture in the world or accomplish 100 tasks a day or exercise every other hour, but the man who feels the most comfortable in his own skin will forever be the most confident man in the room. He who does not seek approval from others, but merely looks within himself for acceptance, will always be the man looking the coolest, the calmest, and the most collected.

  5. Maintain Your Appearance

    As they tend to say: look good, feel good. And let me tell you--they're right. How you dress, how you do your hair, how you choose to look to the outside world, is the very first impression everyone has of you as soon as you walk into the room.

    Growing up, I heard the saying, "Every time you leave the house, dress as though you're about to meet the love of your life." And the message behind it speaks volumes about how your appearance can affect not only how others feel about you, but most importantly, how you feel about yourself.

    I'll start out by saying that if you have facial hair, keep it trimmed and well-kept. There's a huge difference--especially in sex appeal--between a "Santa Clause" beard and a "David Beckham" beard. If hair on your face is the least of your worries, then at least make sure to pluck the unibrow or any stray eyebrows--and look out for rogue nose hairs!

    But in all seriousness, merely dressing nice and sprucing up your appearance can have a direct impact on your confidence.