Here Are The 7 Most Right-Swiped Occupations For Women

There are many reasons why someone may swipe right on a certain person's dating profile. Those reasons, or that reason, can include your age, your location, definitely your profile picture(s), your bio and sometimes most importantly, your occupation.

Most dating apps have recently made it an option to include your occupation on your profile. This allows people to know what you do with your time and how you earn a living, as well as the type of character/person you are; most people's personalities tailor to their career. Or is it the other way around?

Either way, depending on your occupation, listing it on your dating profile can be a huge advantage, but I would refrain from giving out the actual location of your job--there are a lot of creepy people out there. I also highly advise you not to lie about your job merely to cast yourself in a better light. Nothing is more pathetic than someone who lies in order to make himself look/feel better.

Whether you're still in college and thinking of a change in major, or a middle-aged man wanting to see where your occupation ranks in the modern day, read on to see the top 10, most right-swiped occupations.

  1. Physical Therapist

    Now I'm not sure if men are automatically attracted to physical therapists, or if an abundance of attractive women just happen to choose a career in physical therapy. Either way, physical therapy ranks among the top as the most right-swiped job for women.

    When thinking about it, physical therapists are, more than likely, in great shape and care about the well-being of their body. A nice physique is more than enough to induce drooling within men and send 'em chasing.

    Physical therapists--taking the duties of their career into consideration--are most likely flexible and handy with their hands in soothing and relaxing ways as well, adding another "bonus" to the potential of a match on dating sites.

  2. Interior Designer

    One of the sexiest things a woman can do is dress well and have a great sense in style. A woman who knows how to present herself and makes you mouth "damn" to yourself as she walks down the street or across campus is a woman who will be stuck on my mind all day.

    As an interior designer, a sense of style is vital, and a woman in this field certainly has one. Whether she knows how to design the perfect living room for a newly married couple or a man cave for a new retiree, she's also going to know how to dress in order to leave your jaw dropped before she even opens her mouth to speak.

  3. Founder/Entrepreneur

    Inherently, men (and women) are attracted to people who are go-getters and do exactly what they set out to do. The career that comes closest to these characteristics--in my opinion--are entrepreneurs.

    With all due respect, women entrepreneurs aren't something you hear of every day; it is far more often that you hear of male entrepreneurs and their up-and-coming businesses. With that being said, a female entrepreneur is sure to be a badass bitch that has herself all figured out.

    An entrepreneur is sure to be a fun time and someone who isn't afraid of a little rough play.

  4. PR/Communications

    As a Journalism student, I can confirm that Public Relations AND Communications are filled with absolute babes. It makes sense, I suppose; attractive people don't mind being in the limelight and companies most likely prefer to have attractive people representing their company to the public.

    No matter the case, both these professions call for a business-like mind sight and attitude, as well as attire, so these women aren't going to be timid or submissive and they'll look great at the same time. Working in PR also calls on them to be heavily invested in social media and current trends, probably boosting the number of users from that profession on dating sites.

    PR and Communication majors are guaranteed to be outgoing and a fun time, swipe right, trust me.

  5. Teacher

    Oh man, the sexy schoolteacher fantasy. I'm not sure what it is, but for men, there is something about an attractive female (or male) teacher that really gets our blood flowing and our minds fantasizing. Ever since I was a young lad, the sexy teacher has been one of my top sexual fantasies.

    I don't know if it's due to the authority she may possess or the excitement of being with an older woman and someone you sure as hell aren't supposed to, but the scale for rating teachers is definitely skewed in their favor. Or, a better way to look at it, being a teacher adds maybe...2 points to their score.

    I know, I sound like a dog for rating women based on a numerical scale, but I'm just trying to put the effect of being a teacher in terms that easily makes sense. Because being a teacher definitely, without a doubt, makes semi-attractive women (and men) just that extra bit attractive and desirable.

  6. College Student

    Well, this one is quite obvious. This "occupation" makes the list simply because there are so, so many college students using dating apps. Most dating apps cater to college students' lifestyles of no-strings-attached sex and random hookups, so they are, by far, the biggest population using the apps.

    While this is most likely the case, some people (older people) may be swiping right simply because the girl is in college. For all of those alumni out there and those who never got to attend college, meeting up with college girls may be their only way to relive, or live for the first time, those crazy college days.

  7. Speech Language Pathologist

    Now I'm not sure if there is any correlation between attractive women choosing a career as a speech language pathologist, but it sure seems that a lot of attractive women must be speech language pathologist.

    For whatever reason, there seems to be quite a lot of bombshells in the speech language pathologist field according to dating sites.