Here Are The 7 Most Right-Swiped Occupations For Men

There are many reasons why someone may swipe right on a certain person's profile. Those reasons, or that reason, can include your age, your location, definitely your profile picture(s), your bio and sometimes most importantly, your occupation.

Most dating apps have recently made it an option to include your occupation on your profile. This allows people to know what you do with your time and how you earn a living, as well as the type of character/person you are. Someone's career has the potential to say a lot about them, whether it's a warm-hearted guy who is looking to earn his doctorate or a beautiful, stylistic girl who works as an interior designer, most people's personalities tailor to their career. Or is it the other way around?

Either way, depending on your occupation, listing it on your dating profile can be a huge advantage, but I would refrain from giving out the actual location of your job--there are a lot of creepy people out there. I also highly advise you not to lie about your job merely to cast yourself in a better light. Nothing is more pathetic than someone who lies in order to make himself look/feel better.

Whether you're still in college and thinking of a change in major, or a middle-aged man wanting to see where your occupation ranks in the modern day, read on to see the top 7 most right-swiped occupations.

  1. Pilot

    Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Pilots are pretty badass and more often than not, they're pretty handsome lookin' dudes as well.

    Being a Pilot is a very demanding and rewarding job--I assume--and not something anyone can just choose to do. Whether it is commercial flying or any other type of piloting, traveling around the country, or even the world, on a regular basis allows for more matching opportunities on dating apps.

    So along with already being a badass, most pilots are faced with a whole new city of women on their dating apps every time they land the plane.

  2. Founder/Entrepreneur

    Nothing can be more attractive to women than a man who knows exactly what he wants and goes after it. Whether you're in the prototype stages or still brainstorming ideas, being an entrepreneur demonstrates that you have the self-confidence and intelligence to make it on your own--or at least attempt to.

    Entrepreneurs are thriving in today's world with the latest technology and in big thanks to Apps on mobile devices. No matter your area of expertise, though, women love a self-made and self-dependent man.

  3. Firefighter

    No surprise here whatsoever. Actually, the only surprise being that it isn't the number one, most right-swiped occupation

    Every woman--and I mean that, every single woman--loves firefighters. Now while it may not be number one on this list, I am almost positive that is number one on the list of outfits that male strippers disguise themselves in. No, this isn't coincidental.

    Something about a man who symbolizes help and rescue really seems to get women all hot and bothered, even when there isn't a fire around.

  4. Doctor

    While doctors are not only very intelligent and charismatic people, they tend to make quite a bit of money as well. And if Hugh Hefner has taught us anything, it's that women are drawn to wealth, and they will go through quite a few hoops to ensure they'll be financially supported through someone else's means.

    With all joking aside, being a doctor requires years and years of elite schooling that quickly determines who will become a future doctor and who won't. Doctor's know better than anyone what it means to work without sleep and to get by on an empty stomach with nothing but coffee.

    Each and every day, someone else's life is in a doctor's hands, and it is their responsibility--it is their job--to ensure that the patient is safely returned to their loved ones. I must say, doctors are pretty badass too.

  5. TV/Radio Personality

    It is almost human nature to be attracted to fame and popularity. We assume that stars are such influential people who possess an insight to life, which in turn makes them very desirable to hang around.

    Maybe it's just me, but women tend to be even more attracted to popularity and fame than men. Whether you're a show host or a DJ on the local radio station, if you're a familiar face (or voice) around town, women will be flocking to your side. Being seen with famous people therefore makes them famous as well, duh.

  6. Teacher

    As a male, I can't deny that the sexy teacher fantasy has always been one of my top three, along with most other men I assume. Apparently, the same goes for most women as well.

    There is something about someone in authority, older than you, dressed nicely and fairly attractive that really gets the blood flowing in all the right areas. Maybe you need extra credit to receive a better grade, or you don't feel like doing anything all semester besides your teacher to earn that A, sexual relations between students and teachers is not uncommon whatsoever.

    Maybe the attractiveness scale is slightly altered for teachers, giving them the advantage, but either way, teachers are on the list and I'm pleased to see it so.

  7. Engineer

    No brainer here, because being an engineer requires a superb brain. Not only is it extremely mentally demanding, but it requires hours and hours of homework and hard work. While engineering students may not be at every party due to a huge workload, you'll definitely notice when they are.

    Engineering is a very respected and promising field, usually allowing for a comfortable living. As stated earlier, women (and men undoubtedly) enjoy being supported and not having to worry about financial matters.

    But really, an attractive engineer can be deadly because beauty and brains is a lethal combo--and as an engineer, they habitually have the brains.