5 First Date Ideas That Don't Suck

As with first impressions, first dates are the most lasting and you never get a second chance at them. That being said, it is always important that your first date is executed in the manner that will call for a second date.

Whether that means choosing just the right activity or picking out her favorite bottle of wine, it's crucial that you do your part to stand out and make the date one that'll leave her sad when it's over.

From dressing and acting as a gentleman, to choosing the perfect time and place, first dates can be detrimental to future opportunities or advantageous for a second date next weekend.

Read on to make sure you choose a first date that fits the latter.

  1. Picnic

    The greatest part about a picnic is that no matter where you live, they are almost always possible and always a fun and romantic time. Whether you live in the city and take to the rooftop of your apartment, or live near the beach and set up on the cliffs around sunset, picnics are adored by almost every girl and a sure way to get you that second date.

    Why I strongly suggest taking your date on a picnic is because not only is it cheap and something she probably isn't used to, but it creates a great one-on-one atmosphere where you guys can talk intimately and really get to know one another. The relaxed nature of lounging around on a blanket with good food and wine will help lighten the mood immediately and create numerous opportunities for intimate contact.

    A few tips I recommend you take notice of is bringing a blanket to sit on, making a meal that won't perish or is too extravagant, bringing a bottle of wine and, of course, a jacket to offer your lady in case she gets cold. I also highly recommend that upon picking her up or meeting her, you present her with flowers. Girls will love this, and you can even use them as a centerpiece at your picnic if you bring a vase.

  2. Nice Dinner Out

    While having your first date at a nice restaurant is a safer bet and something your date may be used to, it is still a great option as it provides an ample opportunity for intimate conversation and to display your manners and good character.

    Now, as a male, it is very, very important that not only do you pick when and where you'll be eating, but that you pay for the entire meal! The chances are that you asked her on the date, so it is essential that you pay for the date.

    Choose a nice restaurant that calls for nice attire, but nothing too fancy. It is also important that the restaurant you choose has vegetarian or vegan options in case your date doesn’t eat meat; that could end up awkward.

    Remember always to say "please" and "thank you" and never chew with your mouth open or speak while your mouth is full. Upon picking up or meeting your date, make sure to compliment her appearance. Whether you like the way she did her hair or the color of her nail polish, make sure to acknowledge these details--she chose every bit of her appearance for a reason and will really appreciate your compliment and effort to notice.

  3. Bowling

    Unless your date absolutely hates bowling--crazy, I know, but people like that do exist--then bowling on a first date is a great idea! It's fun; it's a tad competitive and it gives insight to your date's athletic ability (which may or may not be important to you.) Bowling is great because it's active, you can still drink and it's most likely something she hasn't done in a while.

    Your date is going to enjoy a date where she's constantly stimulated and there's no down time for awkward silence; a date she wouldn't necessarily expect but is still easy as ever to execute; a date that is going to get her heart racing and make her laugh and grow excited--a date like bowling.

    It's carefree, it's fun and it's something everyone can do. I guarantee that a date at the bowling alley will leave a smile on her face and a second date in your future.

  4. Farmers Market

    If your city or town has a local farmers market, then I urge you to take the pretty girl who lives in your building or that cute girl in your group project. The farmers market is perfect for a first date and can help you learn so much about your date.

    It's great because there are countless stands, all selling something different, that can stem countless conversations from favorite fruits to funny stories from their childhood. Far more likely than not, there will be a flower stand at the farmers market. As soon as you see it, grab your date by the hand, say, "Come on," and proceed to buy her the prettiest flowers there.

    It is such a simple gesture, but it can mean the world to her. From there, you can decide if you guys would like to eat from a stand or possibly grab a bite to eat somewhere, ultimately prolonging the date.

    The farmers market provides ample time to simply walk and talk. With social media nowadays, many couples never really sit and sincerely converse with one another. Doing this on the first date will not only demonstrate your level interest in her, but also demonstrate the type of gentleman that you are.

  5. Concert

    Taking a girl on a first date to a concert can be an exciting and bonding experience, but it can also be chaotic and not very intimate. If you are thinking of inviting along the cute girl you've been interested in to the concert next weekend, there are a few things you should consider before buying her a ticket and popping the question.

    Concerts are a hell of a good time, no one can deny that, but they can be very subjective and not very intimate. If you've been chatting with this girl for sometime and you both love the same band that's coming to town next month, then by all means go ahead and ask her to go with you; but if she has never heard of some band that you've been listening to since you were a kid, a concert isn't the time for her to start listening to them.

    If the band performing creates a mutual bond between the two of you then that is awesome and you guys should go rock out with your cocks out, but I'd rely on one of the other first date ideas if only one of you are into the band playing.

    The reason being that concerts are loud, and crowded, and most often a bit chaotic and messy, and that is no place to have a first date. First dates are about getting to know one another and even getting a bit intimate if desired, not for rocking out in a crowd of sweaty strangers as you awkwardly dance along to music you may not know.