5 Must-Dos If You Want a to Get a Girlfriend

Being single is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. As I've always liked to say, we're all born individuals. Some people love the single life and all the freedom that comes along with it, while others wish to be free of that freedom and instead, have someone to hold them every night as they fall asleep.

If you find yourself loving the solo ride and trying to wake up next to a different person every day, or even just focusing on yourself, then power to you and I wish you all the best! But if you're always seeking something deeper and more stable -- a special someone you can tell your parents about -- then hell yeah, you're definitely in the right place.

Some people are constantly on the prowl for someone to fall in love with and have a "happily ever after," but continue to walk home alone night after night. Many times, the immediate reason these people are in search of a significant other is to help themselves feel better and enjoy life a little more. And that right there is the main reason why they continue to fall asleep and wake up every morning alone -- relying on someone else to bring your happiness.

If you now realize that you fall into that category of people, or if that isn't the case for you, and you merely wish to have someone to go on awesome adventures with, then keep reading to learn must-dos in order to find yourself that special girl and head in the direction of "happily ever after."

  1. "Be Yourself."

    One of the most cliche sayings around that I'm sure you've heard from your mom countless times is "just be yourself."

    While cliches tend to lose their powerful and meaningful message due to how often they are used, they all possess an underlying truth that speaks volumes if heard and used correctly.

    When you truly act like yourself without any regard for anyone else's opinion of you, you'll radiate a confident attitude that people will instantly be attracted to. Women love a man who is confident with himself and isn't shy to be a little goofy or dress differently from the average frat guy.

    Plus, acting like yourself will relax you and allow you to feel more comfortable in public, unafraid of being exposed for someone or something you're not. Just do you, and everything else will fall into place.

  2. "Be Happy With Yourself."

    It is one thing to be yourself, but that will get you nowhere in life -- in particular with the ladies -- if you don't like yourself. If you aren't a fan of yourself then how can you expect anyone else to be?

    If you enjoy who you are as a person and are happy with where you are in life, then everything in my previous tip will come naturally, and the girls will be flocking in your direction.

    Happiness with oneself can be the most powerful thing in the world when hoping to make a change in your life. Not a change in you, yourself, but in your life.

    No one is attracted to the mope in the corner who is feeling sorry for himself or says things like, "She'd never like me, I'm a loser." Cause now that everyone just heard you refer to yourself as a loser, they will now think that of you as well.

    You should be your own biggest fan and be proud of it. Now this doesn't mean that you should be a cocky bastard walking around with your chest puffed out and your chin sky-high (you're not trying to look like a frat bro, are you?) but, instead, have confidence in your decisions and don't be afraid to voice your opinions.

    Finding happiness in oneself can be a daunting task, and a lot of people struggle with it, but once you do, it will show and people will start to notice -- especially the ladies you've been eyeing down.

  3. "Have Hobbies"

    Women love guys who do things. Whether it's playing a sport, designing graphics and artwork, or merely reading, women are inherently attracted to men who have hobbies.

    Why this is, is because it shows that you find happiness in life through multiple channels and aren't afraid to get out there and try different things. It's important you have these different outlets to express yourself, find yourself and find happiness because it is unhealthy to rely on another person for your happiness.

    If a girl sees that you frequently find peace and fulfillment from a hobby, she'll be attracted to that energy and want to be a part of it. Not only that, but people who get outside and actually do things are naturally happier and find more enjoyment in life. This will, in turn, make you happier with yourself and grant you comfortability to be yourself wherever, whenever.

  4. Be Genuine

    Be genuine, in all aspects of life. When you're thanking your server at dinner, complimenting a stranger on a piece of their clothing or even holding the door open for others -- do it with a smile and tenderness in your voice.

    Don't only pay attention to the girls you'd like to go home with or compliment a person because of their social status; talk to anyone and everyone, all with the same genuine and ecstatic attitude.

    When you finally find that special girl you want to wake up next to every morning, buy her flowers, give her the last slice of pizza, offer to do her homework if she's stressed out and has to work late -- all without expecting anything in return.

    Better yet, treat every person you meet this way, and that special girl will appear before you before you even realize it. Individuals who are happy with themselves tend to be genuine and wholehearted people -- and usually a very good time at parties, I might add -- and that is something immediately noticed by girls.

    No one wants to date a sarcastic, Eddie-Haskel-like asshole who secretly hates himself and everyone around him. Be genuine, be happy and be yourself -- you're guaranteed to be a good time.

  5. Don't Actually Look For a Girlfriend

    I'm serious. If you truly want a girlfriend, don't go searching for one. Don't walk around town and analyze every girl you see, calculating the type of girlfriend she'd make and how much fun you could have together. Don't do it.

    Instead, just do you; let the ladies analyze and calculate that. When you're in search of a girlfriend, you're trying too hard, and you'll end up forcing something that wasn't meant to be.

    If you just sit back, relax and enjoy your nights out with the boys or time to yourself, she'll appear. Now I'm not saying you don't have to do any work, definitely not what I'm saying; instead, go out and enjoy yourself without focusing and stressing on who you're talking to and who you're not.

    Go out and talk to everyone you see, no matter their appearance or sex or anything; just be a genuine and kind person who's having a truly good time, and girls will take notice. Don't merely go out with the sole intention of hitting on the hottest girls in the bar or leaving with your arm around one of them -- those girls aren't going to make the type of girlfriend you're looking for, I promise.

    Just do you -- everything else will happen naturally.