19 Cheesy Pickup Lines That Could Actually Get You Laid

So, it's happened again. You saw a cute girl who you immediately grew interested in, but you ruined your chances by not knowing what to say. Either you weren't sure how to continue the conversation towards asking her out, or you didn't even walk up to her and start a conversation to begin with. No matter the path there, the destination is still the same: being without the girl and feeling like an idiot.

Situations like that are far too common among men and can end up hindering their confidence with women for good. Sure, knowing how to talk to women comes naturally for some guys, but that trait is usually far and few between. What most guys need -- and don't even think about -- is a go-to, cheesy pickup line that they can keep in their back pocket and break out whenever needed. Now I'm not talking about some raunchy, crude and sexual one-liner that leaves her with the only two options of going home with you or slapping you across the face. But, instead, a cute and cheesy pickup line that she won't be able to help herself from giggling at and shedding a positive light on you.

Girl's aren't expecting some extravagant, prince-charming pickup line that will have their hearts melting, nor are they expecting some sexy, heart-racing pickup line that will leave their underwear dripping. Instead, they merely want to be complimented, know that you are interested in them, and enjoy a nice laugh that leaves them thinking, "Aw that was really cute/clever."

The thing is, you don't even need a pickup line, per se. You can easily work a witty compliment that hints your interest in them into a casual conversation, allowing it to flow and seem totally natural, as well as genuine. Whether you're just looking for cheesy pickup lines to use straight up, or you're only looking for inspiration to spark your own, read on to discover 19 cheesy pickup lines that'll actually get you laid.

  1. "Are You A Magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears."

    Cheese alert!

    If you're seriously on the prowl and looking to land that 10 you saw across the bar earlier in the night, then I would suggest that you forego this pickup line.

    If you're playfully flirting with a sweet, cute girl you just met through friends or have known from previous situations, then this would be a fun and cute line to try out. If anything, she'll just giggle and give you brownie points for a creative and valiant effort.

  2. "I'm not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together."

    I'm a fan of this line myself and have actually used it a few times (usually with positive responses and reactions.)

    It is definitely one of the more creative ones, but it is also one of the more well-known lines. It's short, simple and sweet; just say it with a smile and little laugh that lets her know you realize how ... comedic and playful, this pickup line is, and all will be good.

  3. "Do you know what this shirt is made out of?" Boyfriend material

    While this line is definitely one of the cheesier ones out there, it's pretty creative, and most girls won't see it coming.

    You may want to think about the possible message you'd be sending with this line before using it, too; saying your shirt is made of boyfriend material may insist that you're looking for something serious, and that could ruin your chances.

    If you actually are looking for something on the serious side, then, by all means, go ahead and use this line -- it's cute and can easily stem into a further and more productive conversation.

  4. "Are you religious? Because you're the answer to all my prayers."

    I am unsure about the use of this line. If you use it on a religious girl, would she be offended, or excited that you "pray" and are associating her with God?

    Either way, this would be one of the last pickup lines I'd use from this list. It is definitely cheesy, but I'm just not sure it will "actually get you laid."

  5. "Hey you're pretty and I'm cute. Together we'd be Pretty Cute."

    Use it, use it, use it!

    This pickup line can be your go-to from now on and prove successful more often than not. It's an ideal line because not only are you complimenting her by calling her pretty -- which girls love, btw -- but you're also referring to yourself as cute which shows confidence in yourself -- which girls also love!

    The last line then delivers a creative and funny word play that she won't be able to help but smile at. Use this line, I promise. It's so simple to recite, yet its message is full of reasons why she should sleep with you.

  6. "In A Room Full of Art, I'd Still Stare At You."

    So this line is actually my personal go-to and let's just say that I'm doing you all a favor by including this on the list.

    One single sentence, and you'll have her blushing and wet at the same exact time. It is insightful, poetic and all around a killer line.

    This is just one of those you got to trust me on. If you don't, no worries, only means it keeps it more original when I use it.

  7. "Baby you make my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti."

    If she doesn't understand what you're referencing to when you use this line, just walk away and forget her.

    Any girl unfamiliar with Eminem's song, Lose Yourself, isn't someone you want to be around. Forget her.

  8. "If God made anything more beautiful than you, I'm sure he'd keep it for himself."

    This line isn't just cheesy; it's gourmet cheese paired with some fine wine.

    In all seriousness, this line will get the ball rolling in the right direction, no doubt. Any girl that has this line recited to them won't be able to refrain from thinking about how sweet you are.

    It is not only creative and unbelievably smooth, but it shows a sensitive and insightful side of you, which girls love to see.

  9. "Hey, I'm writing a paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?"

    Great line for that hottie you've been checking out all night.

    Depending on her response, you can then move into planning a time and place to conduct the interview. Like, maybe, your place, tonight?

  10. "I'm pretty sure we had a class together. I could've sworn we had chemistry."

    Ah very clever, very clever!

    This could be a great line for any college bar or party where nearly everyone there is a student. Clearly, you've never taken Chemistry together, so if she plays that route, then just say you were mistaken and move onto the next girl.

  11. "Baby if you were words on a page, you'd be fine print."

    A line like this one is more of a compliment to get an actual conversation started, not a line that'll get her to drop everything and go home with you immediately.

    It's more of an opener that then allows you room to work some magic with her fully aware of your intentions.

  12. "God was showing off when he created you."

    My god, I think I'm going to save this one for my wedding day when giving a speech about my wife!

    As for you guys, feel free to use it on that drop-dead, sexy girl that you'd nearly say anything to sleep with.

  13. "Hey, can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back."

    Aaaaaah I see what you did there!

    This is a very clever line that may take a few seconds for her to process; and, well, if you're cute enough, she may just lend you that kiss.

  14. "If I had a penny for every time I thought about you, I'd have exactly one cent because you never leave my mind."

    This is a great line for girls you are already familiar with or that you've been openly pursuing for some time.

    If you were to walk up to some random girl you just met and say this, it would only appear ingenuine and like you didn't put much effort into your chance.

  15. "I need a dollar, but I only have 90 cents. Want to be my dime?."

    Oh, shit!

    Honey, you are fine and I need you in my life, at least for a night.

  16. "Hey baby, do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number."

    A great line for gameday at the bar!

    Any sports girl will love this one and definitely find themselves blushing due your creativty and ability to seize opportunity.

  17. "You better call Life Alert, because I've fallen for you and I can't get up."

    If you're merely looking for cheesy pickup lines, here you go.

    It's funny, relates to a well-known commercial/product and resides on the playful side of things.

  18. "If we shared a garden, I'd put my tulips and your tulips together." (tulips = two lips)

    Here's another one I'd keep in my back pocket ready to go at any time.

    This is definitely a line I'd use later in the conversation once a connection has been established. If she doesn't kiss you after hearing this, then I honestly don't know what to tell you, my friend.

  19. "I value my breath, so it would be nice if you didn't take it away every time you walked by."

    Line's relating to this one have been around the block a few times, but it is sweet and cheesy so you'll definitely get a smile out of her.